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(Newswire.net — June 11, 2014) Las Vegas, Nevada — After 3 days at the JCK Show held at Mandalay Bay, walking past what seemed like acres of diamonds, gold and silver jewelry, and chatting with many jewelry artisans, jewelry designer, Barbara Garwood, noted three unique designer jewerly items displayed repeatedly at the show.  Today with the price of gold and silver remaining high it requires more than just following trends to stay alive with a retail jewelry store.  Having the unique, exclusive jewelry piece that the customer can only get at your store in your town is key not only to survival but prosperity in the retail jewelry business today.


The first item Barbara eyed is enameled jewelry.  It currently is a hot trend and very few designers do it uniquely.  Enric Torres of Barcelona, Spain is still producing the original high-temperature fired enamel of the plique-a-jour style, a long, lost art in today’s world.  Lots of color and reasonably priced for the amount of work required available in both in 18kt gold or sterling silver.  Raquelle Bianco, a branded enamel line named for the owner’s grandmother, a jewelry designer in the early 1900’s, is out of New York.  CZs as well as semi-precious gemstones compliment the many resin enamel colors and is also affordably priced for the mid-range.


The booth at Cristina Sabatini was full of color and caught everyone’s attention.  She is based in New York, and manufactures domed cabachon rings, the second item on the list which are all the fashion rage now.  She mixes Italian resin enamel with CZ’s in sterling silver (some gold plated) to create large works of art for the hand.  Passing onward through the Mexican Pavilion there were more domed rings handcrafted in modern Mexican designs by Ortiz Espinosa of Guadalajara.  The sterling silver rings are topped off with a large Swarovski crystal.  They are especially interested in hiring the Huichol Indians to support the local artisans and to help preserve their art.


Last but not least jewelry collars, and especially cuffs were displayed in many booths.  On the high-end side there is DML of Italy with filigree-like gold cuffs and a whimsical white gold collar that has a small sapphire encrusted tie hanging from it.  They’ve also done this in a satin gold collar engraved with the DML logo finished in white diamonds.  All very exclusive. At the other end of the spectrum are the art-driven cuffs of Evocateur.  All American made in Connecticut using art and photography from around the world and finished in a proprietary method of 22kt gold leaf to create the luxury of handmade jewelry.   


There were several other trends but these are the more important designer jewelry fashion statements that will garner the sales because of their distinctive design and exceptional innovation.  

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