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( — June 11, 2014) Franklin, Tennessee — 

In today’s global universe, sharing tricks of the trade, family recipes and creative cost-effective solutions have made DIY incredibly popular. From homemade holiday projects to all-natural laundry detergents, Do It Yourself projects bring many people great joy at bargain prices. We at Jencons Scientific USA were surprised to discover that some of our scientific instruments were being harnessed for a most unusual DIY. Pipettors and pipette pumps are being used to construct low cost e-liquid for e-cigarettes.

The use of electronic smokeless cigarettes, known as “vaping,” has become very trendy, but with poisonings, injuries and new government regulations, perhaps it is not the “safe cigarette” for which users hoped. However, “e-cigs” are still popular, vapor stores are popping up all over the country, and some, science-savy e-smokers are making their own e-liquid using pippetors, pipette pumps, etc. in lieu of utilizing syringes and or manufactured nicotine liquid.

ECF, a.k.a Electronic Cigarette Forum, a.k.a “the largest e-cigarette website in the world,” dedicates a popular section of their forum to DIY. ECF explains:

 “Some members have chosen to purchase ingredients commonly found in e-cigarette refills (e-liquid), and to adapt existing refills or make their own varieties. If you do not have experience in handling chemicals you should not try e-liquid DIY. Buy your e-liquid supplies instead from one of the many manufacturers that already exist.”

So where do pippetors  and pipette aids come in to play?

Some DIY e-liquid chemists prefer pipettes to syringes because of the length, construction and price of the pipette. However, the length of the pipette causes difficulties with storage and convenience making syringes conversely preferable to some.

Many of the registered users and contributors of ECF work in labs and are proficient in working with various liquids and scientific instruments. It makes sense that these lab scientists would want to create their own vapor, and they (hopefully) have the know-how to do so.

We, at Jencons, do not condone these practices. With the legitimacy of the e-cig’s “safer cigarette” reputation in question, Jencons does not recommend the consumption of nicotine in any form. We just find it noteworthy when our products are utilized in new ways. 

Pipette Aids and Safety

When properly utilized, pipette controllers, pipette fillers, manual pipettors, pipette tips and accessories offer great speed and accuracy in laboratory experiments and are critical to sanitary control: preventing spills, burns and a variety of potentially deadly accidents.

On the subject of the adventurous nature of scientists versus the safety of chemists, we at Jencons Scientific USA leave you with  a quote from Brent Johnson from his article “Trigger Happy: Sleek New Pipette Fillers Duel for Honors as Top Gun” published on October 26, 1998 for The Scientist Magazine: 

“In the golden age of chemistry, it was said that a good chemist could identify specific compounds by the mere taste and touch of a substance against the tongue, lips, and fingers. It has also been said of this same period that there was no such thing as an old chemist.”

Marie Curie was an amazing scientist, but she died of radium poisoning in 1934. Today’s pipette and pipette aids are remarkable tools in increasing experiment accuracy and in sanitation control…when properly utilized. 

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