International Speaker Andy Shaw Unleashes The Power Of Positive Thinking

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( — June 12, 2014) Steyning, West Sussex — 


International Speaker Andy Shaw and author of yet another best seller “A Bug Free Mind” is currently showing millions of people round the world how to expand the power of their minds to help them produce amazing results in their lives.


“A Bug Free Mind” was first released as a limited edition in November 2013, and was an immediate sell-out. The first owners have delivered so much powerful feedback that reveals how Andy has changed their lives already. Andrew Leedham says “What many other so called gurus promise Andy actually delivers – clear, simple, no-nonsense, practical steps to building the life and wealth you always wanted. It’s this simple – I have found no-one better at showing the way they get wealthy that anyone can follow” with Clive Pearson sharing his thoughts by saying “What fascinates me about the articles written by Andy Shaw is that the content is so obviously correct and makes so much sense, but somehow it is still stuff I have never thought of, and is very interesting. I can relate directly to the articles, and instantly apply the knowledge given into my everyday thinking. I can feel my thought processes becoming more and more positive as negativity is removed from my life.” There are many more positive testimonials on the official “A Bug Free Mind” website.


Andy Shaw says that if we cannot control ours mind, then we can’t create our success, and that we probably think we CAN control our mind, but that the truth is a little bit more scary, as unless we have already created our success then the chances are “our mind is controlling us,” and not us controlling it. he goes on to say that he teaches people how to take back control of their mind power so that it will go to work creating their success, instead of continuing to work on creating more of the sameness they’ve experienced in life so far.


He reveals that the power of positive thinking is found in the amazing subconscious mind we all possess, which handles all of the billions of calculations and actions that are required in our body in every single second without hardly ever bothering you, as we all do it all on auto-pilot. Continuing he says, however, the subconscious mind power can do wondrous other things for you too as running these billions of functions every second is not even breaking a sweat for it. If you know how to tap into its power then you can have these wondrous things on demand, and that up until now we most likely will have only experienced them by accident, with Andy Shaw quoting “Successful people naturally follow their subconscious mind as they know it knows what is best for them.”

Peter Halm, a representative for “The Bug Free Mind” said that Andy Shaw’s positive thinking system was in fact the easiest place to access your unlimited mind power. And continued “How would you like to wake up every morning with the answer to any question, or many questions? All you have to do is wait until you are really tired and go to bed. In the moments before you fall asleep just ask your questions and then fall asleep. When you wake up you will be given your solution. If you do not have your solution, then it is simply that you do not need it yet, you only think you need it. Or you have not given your mind enough time to think on it. So, just ask the question again each night before you sleep and within a few weeks you will have been given the answer,” and finally after a few chuckles said “it may not be the answer you wanted, but it will be the answer that is best for you.”


He concluded in saying that Andy Shaw has put all of his mind power tools together into two tool boxes, “Creating & Using A Bug Free Mind.” They contain literally hundreds if not thousands of great tools and thought techniques for controlling and utilizing your full mind power. And it’s a great place to start if you want to make an informed decision of whether or not you want control over your mind power. To get all the information you need to get started just visit the official “A Free Bug Mind” website here:



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