Why Custom Builders are an Investment in Your Future

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(Newswire.net — June 15, 2014) Lutz, Fl — Testimonials and referrals from prior clients that have had a direct relationship and experience with your prospective builder.  Asking them how it was to work with them, how timely was the project, and were there any hiccups throughout the project that stood out and could have been avoided?  In obtaining this list of referrals, do not get 3-4 names, but rather obtain 30-40 names and your contractor should let you choose who to call.


The financial stability of your home builder is very important and should be asked up front about their state of financial condition.  How much can they take on in other projects where upfront purchases of materials and services is required to engage in projects.


Another factor that should be looked at is the insurability of craftsmanship and work.  What happens if there is a problem that requires work to be redone while expenses have already been expended on the builder’s part?  Additionally, what is the builder’s process and organization to a system in getting work done?  Is there something that sets this builder apart from the rest of the crowd?  What differentiates them?


The terms and conditions that are negotiated are also important.  If a quote is set based on costs of the builder versus a fixed price, a buyer can be subject to greater price risk if there are fluctuations in materials and costs, however this can also be a true indicator of the builder’s experience level and ability to manage projects. 


A custom  builder should readily discuss “allowance items” or those things that a buyer wants as extras that tack on additional costs to a project that are not standard within the quoted project.


The lot selection is a very big variance as well depending upon the details of the components of the lot expense.  Other factors such as site work, additional slabs, septic, wells, and wooden windows can deviate significantly.


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