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Volunteers, the life blood of charities and NGOs around the world, respond well to unique ways of thanking them for their time and energy. The new music video for unsung heroes Volunteer Appreciation Day (June 19, 2014) is proving to be very popular as a ‘pat on the back’ that costs nothing to share.

 Danny Herringe, an experienced coordinator of volunteers for music festivals in Australia proclaims; “This little clip slaps a high five. Firstly it’s short; the song is infectious; and it’s a free way to touch base with your core of volunteers. Give them a little love … and they’ll be there when you need them.”

 Made by a volunteer, who wishes to remain anonymous, this Volunteer Appreciation Day video is clearly not the work of a professional but has all the charm of a card made with love by a 6 year old. “I just wanted to do something fun that I’d enjoy getting as a greeting card for June 19 Volunteer Appreciation Day which is this Thursday. One that I could send to my friends that volunteer as well as to encourage those that I think would really enjoy the experience of doing it,” the creator said.

 Thanking volunteers and encouraging others is a challenge for every organization. Events like National Volunteer Appreciation Week (held in April) as well as days hosted by organizations that include some type of meal or awards are standard practices. Savvy social marketers seeking fresh approaches have embraced this video and day as a quick and effective way to make their volunteer base happy.

 The theme song by Pharrell Williams is covered by Maria Z and Ana Free, who provide a compelling reason to be Happy. References to an exceptional book About Volunteers, made For Volunteers, by Volunteers flits across the screen with a heads up that the book will be on special on Amazon.com on June 19, the actual day of Volunteer Appreciation Day in 2014.  The book, ‘UNSUNG HEROES CAMBODIA: People and Projects Making a Difference’ is a not-for-profit book; “One the Best Books for Volunteers” according to a recent online survey of volunteers around the world.

 Unfortunately the video does not go into the details of that offer. On June 19 the book is 30% off, includes a free ebook, and has a premium of 5 silk scarves with purchase of 10 books. Only on Amazon.com

 “Volunteering is one of the best feel good things you can do. We want to encourage more people to volunteer, and to do it with awareness,” says Lee Anderson, partner of Unsung Heroes. “All those people who have given others a hand when they need it deserve to be celebrated. Give them a warm round of applause this Thursday, June 19 on Volunteer Appreciation Day.”



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