Motivational Speaker Shares His Story of Near-Death Experience in Book “Carried by Angels”

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Motivational speaker, Phillip Hatfield, tells of his life experiences of overcoming personal tragedy, hardship and loss in his first book, “Carried by Angels.” In this inspirational book, Phillip shares about his near-fatal motorcycle accident that left him an amputee, and how he experienced amazing faith, hope, love and peace in the most devastating of situations.

“Carried by Angels” is a real-life inspirational story about triumph over tragedy. It reveals how Phillip’s attitude to life’s tough times has spurred him onwards and upwards. In this book, Phillip tells of how “My greatest tragedy is my greatest blessing.”

In 2008, Phillip Hatfield’s life changed in a split second with a near-fatal motorcycle accident that left him with a broken back, broken ribs, crushed pelvis and the loss of his left leg, along with a raft of other life threatening and life-altering injuries. “Carried by Angels” tells of how, in the moment he lay bleeding to death on a Dallas, Texas intersection on a cold night on November 9, 2008, amid the unbearable pain, he realized his life would never be the same. In fact, his life was going to change for the better.

In “Carried by Angels” Phillip shares about his successes and failures leading up to this particular moment in his life, as well as how he recovered, not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually from such a shattering experience.

Not only is he an accomplished author, but Phillip Hatfield is also a renowned motivational speaker who travels locally, nationally and internationally, sharing his story of how his strong faith, family and friends have been the keys to his success and happiness. From school events and youth groups to corporate business functions and team building events, Phillip engages his audiences in a fun, powerful and inspirational way. A Zig Ziglar certified keynote speaker, he projects a clear message of hope and encouragement, showing how an attitude of simple appreciation for life can be the key to personal and business success. In his light-hearted and humorous way, Phillip teaches how to overcome life’s obstacles, struggles and challenges, and create new goals and dreams, whether it be in one’s personal life or business life.

A successful businessman himself, at only 26 years of age Phillip Hatfield was General Manager and Vice President of Ramada Hotels, the highly successful international chain of five star hotels and resorts. Phillip quickly gained a highly respected reputation for his amazing ability to lead, inspire and motivate his staff and management at all levels. He gained himself a solid reputation as the “Turn around Guy” for having successfully turned around numerous small and large businesses back from the brink of failure. When a devastating fire ripped through a Fort Worth, Texas hotel killing five people and seriously injuring 33 more, Phillip helped to rebuild the hotel, working closely with staff at all levels to regain a sense of teamwork and pride in their place of work and in their individual roles within the hotel. He worked side by side with everyone, from the construction team to front line staff to back of house employees. Phillip’s understanding of instilling a positive culture into an organization and its people from the ground up saw him go from success to success in business.

His early business experience began with him working with building construction contractors at the young age of 12 years where he learned quickly about building and construction products and processes. This early experience led him to develop several successful products that are now used and sold by major construction companies right across the U.S. He also worked extensively in the hospitality industry, starting out in entry level positions. He quickly reached management levels in both hospitality and the manufactured housing industry. And since his life-changing accident in 2008, today Phillip enjoys his role as a motivation speaker, author and business mentor.

Phillip Hatfield is a fantastic communicator who is available to speak at any event, no matter how large or small. He has worked with some top companies and people, including Hank Moore, Futurist, Corporate Strategist White House Advisor, Patti Spencer, U.S. Department of Justice, Tom Ziglar, CEO of the Zig Ziglar Corporation and Eric Donaldson, President of Hot Shot Delivery. With the success of his first book, “Carried by Angels” Phillip Hatfield is due to release his much anticipated second book, “Lead Like a Transformer” in June, 2014.

A portion of the proceeds of every sale of “Carried by Angels” goes to support Operation Giveback. Operation Giveback is an official charity of Ziglar Inc. Something very close to Phillip’s heart, Operation Giveback seeks to raise support, finance and resources for the families of those American soldiers who have died protecting their country and freedom.

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