Collection Agencies and Debt Collectors Meet Their Kryptonite

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( — June 17, 2014) New Port Richey, Florida — What most people do not know is that there are specific laws that govern credit and collection processes and they are quite stringent.  Overstepping the boundaries of collection tactics is a serious matter and infractions to these laws are cause for dismissal and violations of personal civil rights  that can make the difference between having a legitimate case or a violation.

Many of the collection agencies mask their aggressive collection approaches with pseudo legal language or trip up the proper protocol that actually can dismiss their right to pursue the consumer.  This is the “ace in the hole” for credit protection since many collection companies hire people that are unfamiliar with the actual laws for appropriate collections.


There are certain facts to be aware of in this process and none can be too important as gathering information and paper trails to support proof of documentation.  Most consumers feel the need to run and hide when collectors are “chasing” however, they need to be mindful and alert when such tactics are coming their way. People need to know that they should not hide, but rather they should answer the calls and listen so that they are equipped with enough information to combat these agencies. If bankruptcy is an option that is being considered, the name of the attorney should be mentioned with a case number, which will cease any further calls.


Personal information via the phone is a “no no” as well.  One should never pass social security, birth dates, etc over the phone since identity thieves often times will pose themselves as a bona fide agency in order to gather personal information for credit stealing purposes.


These aggressive collection calls should be noted with copious note taking while discussions are taking place.  Any such notes are critical in defending the consumer.   The Fair Debt Practices Act exists to protect people from these debt “poachers” and have distinct guidelines that do so.   Understanding the roadmap of debt collection is the beginning of being able to handle the harrowing experience of fear from collection agency pursuits. Although not all debts can be deflected, the knowledge of one’s rights can be the difference between expending thousands of dollars unnecessarily and maintaining a peace of mind with your finances intact.


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