Report Shows Cigarettes Cost 10 Times More than e Cigs

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( — June 18, 2014) St. Petersburg, FL. — The e Cigarette market is blowing up. There have been an average of 10 new electronic cigarettes being introduced to the market every month over the past year and a half. The e Liquid, or e Juice as many vaping enthusiasts refer to it as, also come in a very large selection. Currently there are over 7,700 flavors that were discovered during the latest online survey.

To get the nicotine from traditional cigarettes, you must burn the tobacco. When tobacco is burned it releases about 6,000 toxins and poisons. e Cigarettes allow people to get their nicotine fix from a nicotine extract that is mixed with flavorings and turned into a vapor, instead of burned and turned into smoke. e Cigs are battery power devices that deliver nicotine that is mixed with flavorings to make the e Juice.

The e Juice or e Liquid is available in many different flavors. These flavors are grouped in different categories that include your favorite drinks, desserts and candy, fruity flavors, popular snacks, and the traditional tobacco and menthol flavors.

The price of using e Cigarettes with these e Juices is much less than traditional cigarettes. An e Cigarette starter kit at Vapor Shack is $22.99, with many different models available that go up from there depending upon the quality of the e Cig wanted. Different manufactured e Juices range from approx. 50 cents per ml to close to a dollar per ml for high end custom blends, with Vapor Shack e Liquid at 49 cents per ml.

Traditional cigarettes that cost between $4.80 and $9.60 per pack, for a pack a day smoker, will cost the smoker $150 to $300 per month to smoke traditional cigarettes. Savings of e Juice compared to traditional cigarettes depends upon the amount of cigarettes someone smokes. An average calculation would be that a 10 ml bottle would equal about 5 cigarette packs or 100 traditional cigarettes. With an average cost today of traditional cigarettes being about $50, that comes out to about $5 per pack or twenty five cents for each cigarette.

To calculate savings for e Cigarette use, you can compare the cost of traditional cigarettes to e Juice from Vapor Shack in St. Petersburg, which currently is $4.99 per 10 ml bottle and comes in over 130 flavors, so you would be looking at approximately 49 cents per ml of e liquid. By using the calculations that a 10 ml bottle of e Juice is equal to approximately 100 cigarettes, that would come out to about 5 cents for vaping the amount of a cigarette in comparison to the actual 50 cents cost per cigarette for traditional cigarettes. This is a considerable savings!

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