The Good News About Bad Breath

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( — June 18, 2014)  –It is natural to have some minor concerns about bad breath from time to time – like after a meal filled with plenty of garlic or onions. For some people, the problem of severe bad breath remains no matter what they eat, day or night.  The problem is not resolved with the usual dose of mints or brushing the teeth.  This embarrassing problem creates issues in relationships at home and in the workplace.  There is hope for people who struugle with this very real problem., which is not an isolated problem in the United States.  According to experts, 25% of Americans experience severe bad breath throughout each day.

Bad breath is not a mystery to Dr. Lonnie Fields, the Sapulpa dentist who founded Custom Dental in Sapulpa, Okloahoma knows the exact cause. Dr.Fields employs smart and safe strategies for all patients suffering with lingering and severe bad breath. Researchers have found that only a small percentage of cases find that the severe bad breath is caused by an underlyingl condition lsuch as reflux,  diabetes, sinusitis, or more serious health issues. Dry mouth can be a contributing factor since adequate saliva is essential to a healthy mouth.

In close to 90 percent of cases, lingering bad breath originates in the mouth . These cases are easily treated by Dr. Lonnie Fields. There are two main causes for bad breath. Poor dental hygiene, creating problem areas where odors incubate and the onset of periodontal (gum) disease begins. When food or plaque remains on or between teeth, bacteria increases and produces a bad smelling chemical. Hydrogen sulfide is the major culprit that creates a rotten egg smell in the mouth. Leftover food and built up plaque on teeth tend to irritate the gums. This problem often leads to the initial signs of gum disease. When more plaque and bacteria are collected as a result of gum disease, a bad breath problem is compounded.

Additionally, the tongue (particularly if it has a rough surface) and tonsils can also trap food and plaque and cause the same kind of problem. Fortunately all these problems are very treatable. The first step in eliminating bad breath is a thorough exam that includes a medical history, full mouth X-rays, examination of your tongue and tonsils, a gum exam and an oral cancer screening. Come and see Dr. Lonnie Fields, an expert Sapulpa dentist today to learn the smart and simple solutions to severe bad breath.


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