How to Fall in LOVE with Marketing Online, Offline and Sales

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( — June 19, 2014) Washington, Utah — 

A couple of days ago I was doing my bootcamp called “Let’s Google me.” I  was talking about marketing in sales as one of the most hated topics among lots of entrepreneurs. For some reason people are super afraid of sales and absolutely hate marketing. I got to the point and said “You know what, I need to bring clarity and show people that they can love sales and marketing and be super excited to do both of them. Businesses cannot survive without sales. Or how can you actually reach abundance in your life, if you don’t do marketing and sales?”


 I can tell you one more thing that marketing and sales is not only for people who own their own business. It is not only for entrepreneurs; even if you have a regular job you are still doing marketing and sales. You know why? Because, YOU your own biggest product.  There is a reason why you come for an interview. A resume is great but guess what, a resume is just a piece of paper with right words. It doesn’t have any personality. If the resume would be so crucial it would be the main reason why people get hired.

My goal today is to make you fall in love with marketing and sales. I can accomplish it by dismissing myths about advertising and selling.


What is a myth? “A myth is a widely held but false belief or idea which often includes some superpower or unknown phenomena.”(Wiki). Good  example of the myth, we are not allowed to wear white shoes after September 1st .


Myth # 1: You have to advertise in magazines, coupon books, print flyers, etc. Great myth, right? The truth is printed sources barely work. According to my research what I have done locally, on the internet, and from conversations with my friends and acquaintances. Only a few people saw minor results from advertising in magazines and newspapers. These people were Realtors.


Myth # 2: You have to have a big budget. I consider this to be the biggest myth. The truth is, you can do very effective marketing on shoestring budget. If you can get creative and think smart you can practically do it for free.


Myth # 3: You have to give people really deep discounts. The psychology behind it, if you let somebody try your product or services for deep discounts they will come back. The reality is, people will use you for the discount and rarely return for your services.

Myth #r 4: You have to be on all social media. What’s all this crazy stuff on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Social living? I got lost in this biggest myth.  The truth is you have to pick the right social media for your business and not to be lost in the sameness of the sea.


Myth #  5:  When you’re doing marketing online you have to know crazy techno stuff, such as SEO, social platform collaboration, and programming.  You have to be super sophisticated in HTML and you have to be able to create not just websites, but also re-syndicate websites and blogs. This is all completely false. The truth is you have to know exactly what your product or service is and have basic knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and be consistent with your efforts.


Myth # 6: You have to attend big marketing events for networking. Well, I can tell you it’s the biggest myth. From my experience, I have collected hundreds of business card from people that are not interested in my business, but are just interested about telling me about themselves. You can do great networking on Google+ where you can find like-minded people and prospective clients. Google Hangout is a great tool for a personal connection.


Myth # 7: You have to be a big company to dominate online. My mentor Glenn Dietzel, always says “it’s not the big fish that eats the small. It’s the fastest that eats the slowest.  We can gratefully dismiss myth. If you want to learn how go here.

In my next 7 articles I will talk in more depth about these 7 myths. I will talk who created them, why and the naked truth.

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