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( — June 19, 2014) Frisco, TX Mobile Marketing Helper offers the “Best Mobile Marketing Services in Dallas, TX” after asking industry experts in an Internet Opinion Poll.

The result of a recent online opinion poll from which respondents were prompted to recognize the mobile marketing agency who offered the best mobile marketing services in the Dallas area yielded what some will probably point out was a very predictable final result. The Frisco based firm, Mobile Marketing Helper, was picked out more than any other recognizable names in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

The poll, and eventually the designation of who offers the Best Mobile Marketing Services, was setup soon after an intense discussion blossomed about just whom in the Dallas area would genuinely be able to lay claim to that title. In an attempt to preserve the opinion poll impartial to all agencies, the ballot was created on-line and the winner was identified by internet marketing peers independently.

Immediately following initiating the opinion poll, there seemed to be an intense competition for the distinction of what mobile marketing company offered the best services. But after the conclusion, there was a clear and undeniable recipient of the specific title. As soon as the opinion poll closed, Kevin Cortez, and his agency Mobile Marketing Helper was presented as the agency who offered the Best Mobile Marketing Services for Dallas, TX.

Marketers asked about the web poll seemed to have split responses to Mobile Marketing Helper’s claiming of the disputed title, varying from pure disbelief that any one mobile marketing agency could be so well known, to complete agreement over the selection they had made.

Mobile Marketing Helper was most likely recognized as offering the Best Mobile Marketing Services by colleagues in large part because of the hundreds of businesses who can attest to their knowledge of successful mobile marketing strategies. At last count, the agency has several hundred active clients in over 175 different types of business categories.

After the results were in, Kevin Cortez, CEO of Mobile Marketing Helper, stated “It was fun being recognized in this niche by others. Thanks to everyone that took part in the poll. As we know, ‘mobile’ is like the wild-wild west … everyone shooting in every direction trying to figure out the best mobile marketing initiatives. We are super excited to be a part of this incredible medium.”

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