How to Fall in LOVE with Marketing Online, Offline and Sales: Myth # 2

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What is a Myth? Myth is widely held but false believe or idea. Let’s explore the second myth: You NEED a BIG Budget for Effective Marketing.

Statistics show that in 2002, the US spent 143 billion dollars on marketing, while worldwide 467 billion dollars was spent. When you think about it, companies spend lots of money on advertising.  However, if you are a small business owner or you are just starting out, you will not be able to spend that much money on promotion.

It is embedded in our subconscious mind to market and advertise in a certain way. If we look back to when marketing started, for the wider public, we see that this started in 1836 in French newspaper La Presse. It was the 1st newspaper which started doing full advertisements in newspapers, and then it became a business across the world.

The era of radio then followed. In the nineteen twenties radio was the most popular medium for paid marketing and advertising .Then we progress deeper into television and paid channels.  Television played a very important role because it has the combination of music channels and advertising. People would watch advertising instead of music.

Then with the notion of online or .com. advertising and marketing moved there. Google changed the whole world with AdWords.

Facebook became super popular for businesses because of perception that it is cheaper per click or impression than Google. I tried Facebook and seemed very cheap, because it was between five and ten dollars per day. But at the end the campaign spending was between six hundred to a thousand dollars. Facebook is not as cheap as it seems.

So, if you are a small business owner or just starting out, what are your choices? What you can do, if you don’t have a lot of money for advertising and marketing? Obviously, you will have to have a budget.

But what if your budget is really small?

I have the answer for you and it doesn’t include PPC, impressions and SEO.

My bold prediction for the future of marketing is that you have to create social engagements, real relationships and increase exposure.  


You must ask yourself an important question: Who are people buying from?

 People whom they know, like and trust.

Everything in today’s marketing is about having conversations with your clients and prospects.  You can have real conversations with people who you meet. It’s FREE! Talking to people is FREE! That is where you can share your great ideas or business and create real connections.

The second best, to personal connection and live interaction with people, is video. You can do live video broadcasts on hangouts, educate your audience and stay connected.

So, the real thing about marketing is creating connections.

What can you on shoestring budget?

–         Social interactions on right social media

–         Videos

–         Google Hangouts

–         Free articles

–         Blogs

You can record videos and run Google Hangouts on Air from your smart phone. It is free.

You can write articles and post them on your blog, in free articles services and directories.  When you combine all together with social media that’s your exposure!  

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