How To Release Stress In 10 Minutes Top Tips

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( — June 21, 2014) Osaka, Osaka-fu — Knowing how to release stress quickly makes a big difference to levels of enjoyment of life. When levels of stress are high, due to financial, relationship, work, family and other pressures, life can become very challenging. Yet gaining stress relief quickly can be incredibly easy.


Many people get lost in the challenges of life and become bogged down very quickly. Never really releaseing the tension they have inside. Yet releasing that tension can be simple.


One of the simplest things that makes a big difference is breathing. Just consciously slowing and deepening the breathing has a big impact on stress levels and tension. It helps to begin releasing it. It also allows the body and mind a measure of relaxation.


Altering focus is another thing which helps. Taking in visuals and sounds which are inherently relaxing and revitalizing brings greater ability to reduce stress. This is especially true of natural things. Peaceful quiet environments help a person to cleanse tension on a deep level. With sound playing an important part here too.


By immersing in sounds and visuals which are calming and peaceful a strong measure of stress can be relieved in a short period of time. This is the reason that SurgingLife.Com is expanding its section of 10 minute meditation videos, so that people can reduce levels of tension quickly and effectively in just 10 minutes.


The newly released relaxation videos are focused on bringing the calming energies of nature to the users. Both new pieces, “Sakura Breeze” and “Lush Woodland”, carry the peaceful energy of the woodland settings in which they were specially recorded. With the “Sakura Breeze” meditation video also carrying the user into a warm Japanese spring day with some of the most beautiful Cherry blossom.


These new videos bring the relaxing visuals of nature, along with peaceful calming music to the user. Enabling them to gain a mental health break and take their mind on a short journey away from normal activities. By watching these videos it becomes easier for the user to reduce stress than usual, and their breathing can naturally and easily deepen and slow as relaxation comes in. At ten minutes they are easy to enjoy in a number of places too.


The top tips on how to release stress; slow and deepen breathing, shift focus on visual and auditory levels to inherently relaxing things. These top tips are all easy to achieve using the freely available Sakura Breeze 10 minute meditation video and the Lush Woodland 10 minute meditation video from SurgingLife.Com, with more options available for Stress Relief on Youtube via SurgingLife’s channel.

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