AMG Services Brings Families Together over Dinner with Game Night

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The family that plays together stays together, according to traditional wisdom. Fun Games Blog, the gaming news website, has announced AMG Services plans to bring families together by hosting a dinner with game night for families once a month throughout the summer.  

AMG Services is feeding the game night trend with the introduction of the Dinner with Game Night. The family meal includes one large pizza, 12 barbeque wings, four side salads and a two liter of soda. For larger families, the Dinner with Game Night is also available with 2 large pizzas, 24 wings, six side salads and two –two liter bottles of soda.

Parents who choose to enjoy Dinner with Game Night will receive a special deal on all AMG Services meals. The evening will focus on the good that spending family time creates. Game nights benefit children and families by increasing family cohesion and resilience in children.  

“AMG Services is a catering company that started serving home-cooked meals to travelers out of a little food truck back in 1976, and they quickly developed a reputation for ‘Sunday dinner served seven days a week,’” said John Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer for AMG Services. “We’ve always prided ourselves on bringing families together over dinner, and that’s why we decided to bring families together throughout the summer with Dinner with Game Night.”

In addition to bringing the family together around an evening meal, there may be other benefits to playing games with your family. Jackie Nichols, Ph.D., assistant professor of family counseling, has noted that playing games helps build self-confidence, promotes essential skills, encourages academic development, and offers lasting memories.  

 “Children and adults feel happier and healthier when they feel like they’re connected to a group,” Nichols says. “When you’re playing a game that requires input from everybody, it increases family cohesion. You can really bond over a game of Monopoly.” 

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