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( -- June 21, 2014)  -- A new design of earphones called Beatex is to be unveiled by AMG Services in conjunction with Seiki Aksii, a Japanese company with branches in the US. According to, an entertainment technology website, Beatex are made by latest engineering techniques thus offering better noise cancellation, and outputs high quality sound. The headphones will be launched in New York City before being distributed to other outlets across the globe.

“There have been a lot of complaints by users on quality of headphones in the market. Many headphones and earphones in the market are made using low value materials and are not properly engineered to offer crisp clear audio output,” says Jack Lewis, AMG Services sound engineer. “We therefore set out together with Seiki Aksii to produce headphones that address the issues raised by users. And that’s Beatex for you.”

The headphones are comfortable to the ear, hug the head properly, and come in different colors of blue, red, black, white, and green. Beatex is also portable as users can easily fold them up. The rubber that is used to make its pads ensures that no sound is lost. Users can choose between wired, or wireless. The wireless design has an internal rechargeable battery that delivers 18 hours of battery life when fully charged. 

“Our team of designers drawn from AMG Services and Seiki Aksii analyzed some of the leading headphones in the market, their respective user reviews, and their prices, “Hitoshi Suzuki, Seiki Aksii designer. “Through the analysis, the team came up with a list of specifications that need improvements. The team then came up with solid ideas on a unique design that addresses all the identified shortcomings in the other headphones on the market.” Hitoshi Suzuki, Seiki Aksii designer. 

Beatex has been designed to give users a taste of high end studio experience. It offers deep bass and enables users to differentiate between good quality and poor quality audio. With these headphones users can hear every string, kick, snare and any other instrumentals and vocals in the mix. 

By Ruth Chavez

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