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( — June 21, 2014) Toronto, Ontario — Dr. Gantous has just released his long awaited video interview, which reveals more information on Rhinoplasty surgery, more commonly referred to as “nose jobs”. Rhinoplasty surgery has been on the increase throughout the World, it is a very minimal way to change a persons appearance and increase their self-confidence.


Dr. Gantous was recently quoted at an interview as saying, “While more people are learning about Rhinoplasty and the benefits of cosmetic surgery, it is still a very important decision that should be based on a clear understanding of the varying procedures involved. Our new Video presents a clear picture of what to expect for anyone interested in Rhinoplasty.”


Dr. Gantous is known throughout Toronto as one of the best facial plastic surgeons and takes great pride in using the top medical and professional standards. Dr. Gantous is Double Board Certified in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 


Dr. Gantous was quoted as saying, “Our goal is to provide our patients with an honest, professional and respectful experience when discussing their cosmetic or reconstructive concerns.  We believe that all patients have individual needs that differ greatly from one another.  We strive to identify these differences and fully understand our patients’ expectations.” It is this attention to detail that sets this doctor apart from all of the other facial plastic surgeons.


A patient of Dr. Gantous who received Rhinoplasty surgery appeared to be ecstatic with the results and was quoted as saying, “I am so happy that I went through with this…it’s the best decision I have made in a long time. Now I can actually look in the mirror at myself!”


To learn more about Rhinoplasty and your options watch the video on Youtube or better yet, watch it on his website by clicking here.

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