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( — June 22, 2014) Osaka, Osaka-fu — Free flower meditation videos from SurgingLife.Com, these two new videos and their fresh subject expand further on the selection of free 10 minute meditation videos available from SurgingLife. The new pieces “Beautiful Orange Roses” and “Pink Roses Summer” both center around the gorgeous visuals of roses in bloom, and both have specially matched meditative music to aid with deeper relaxation.


With the addition of the flower meditation video section there is now a choice of five different subjects with which to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing 10 minute meditation, and its associated stress relief. This is a further step in bringing easily accessible resources to aid with positive life change and the relief of stress for all users.


Through adding these new pieces to the existing selection people are now able to enjoy a greater variety which is better able to fulfill shifts in moods and preferences. Users can now switch easily between various subject matters depending on their feelings at the time, and also what they wish to achieve. The flower meditation pieces are incredibly grounding and have been developed in order to bring a deep sense of bliss and stress relief to users.


The 10 minute meditation video Beautiful Orange Roses centers on a small cluster of orange roses that are bursting with life. The warm melodies that flow with it helping to deepen the experience and sense of joy that the user is able to achieve.


The 10 minute meditation video Pink Roses Summer brings the user a gorgeous flood of pink roses in bloom, complimented by gently shifting music to relax with. This brings the energy of early summer, through warm sunlight and honey bees collecting nectar and pollen.


These pieces have been developed to be easily enjoyed at any time, they are ideally suited to short breaks during work, study or at other times. Serving to aid the user in gaining a good measure of relaxation and improving their ability to reduce and deal with stress.


Both videos are available via the SurgingLife.Com website and also via the meditation video selection on the SurgingLife Youtube channel. Both options offer users an easy way to enjoy the 10 minute meditation videos that bring relaxation and stress relief with ease.

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