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AMG Services, a medical research firm in California, is striving to introduce advanced technologies that will revolutionize medical care and pharmaceutical therapy. They have recently announced plans for phototherapy installations at the AMG Dermatology Photopheresis Center. They are currently testing new equipment to establish a successful phototherapy system.

“The installation, while providing treatment to a variety of skin problems, would also collect data in response to various frequencies. This would help us fine tune the treatment to target specific concerns,” informs Henry Lewis, a co-director at AMG Services.

“Phototherapy is usually a costly affair, and for this reason many potential beneficiaries stay away from it. We would be providing the service at a minimal cost, in exchange of collecting patient data.”

The installation is a stand-up cabinet that has lights affixed on the walls. The patient is made to stand in the center and exposed to specific frequencies of light for a duration of 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending on the prescribed dosage. The patient would be made to wear dark sunglasses to protect her eyes.

The new phototherapy system will use specific and clinically proven wavelengths of light that energize the skin cells and allow them to heal and revive faster. This is a completely natural process, involving no chemicals or needles. It also has varied anti-aging and rejuvenation functions like treating wrinkles and lines, which restores a healthy, firmer and tighter skin. This new system is expected to be used effectively in challenging areas like the neck and hands.

“Phototherapy has been proven to effectively treat skin conditions like pigmentation, psoriasis, dermatitis, and acne. It is safer than popping pills, and unlike oral medications, it has no side effects. Making it the best option for people with low immunity who are suffering from chronic skin diseases,” explains Dr. Robert Murray, the aesthetic physician with AMG Services. The installation is expected to be functional by end of June this year.

By Michelle Payne

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AMG Services offers phototheraphy treatments for dermatology patients in Southern California, and specializes in the research and development of new technologies and medical equipment.