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( — June 24, 2014)  –Hafer, a key business unit of AMG Services, known for their desi-style/India-style packaged foods, adds four new flavors of potato chips in their snacks section with the launch of Desi Chaat, Mirchi Masala, Pudhina Dhamaka, Chatkari Imli.

“We’re sure that our customers are going to love these four flavors of our guilt-free chips, which are made using natural ingredients, preservative-free and are cooked in low fat oil. While, these chips are low on calorie, they’re high on taste,” says Ponty Bhalla, managing director, AMG Services.

Pudina Dhamaka offers the taste of peppery mint leaves, Chatkari Imli a taste of tamarind, while, Desi Chaat and Mirchi Masala have a more bold and spicy taste.

These crispy chips are made using natural ingredients and spices used are specially imported from the states of Assam and Andhra Pradesh in India. While, ingredients like potatoes and tomatoes used are grown in farms owned by AMG Services.

Apart from being a healthy snacking option, Hafer Chips are also environment friendly.

Faith Lance, Marketing Manager, AMG Services explains, “We’re sensitive about the effects of plastic on our planet. Hence, these chips have an environment friendly packaging with the latest compostable bags. We also do food scrap recycling, which means that all the waste is recycled. For examples, the potato peelings and other vegetable waste are sent to livestock farms for use as feed.”

The four new flavors of Hafer Chips will be available all over Canada in small, mid and family packs.

By Leona Mathis

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AMG Services is a Canadian packaged foods company that makes and sells products under brand names like Hafer. Their products are not only available in supermarket, but also in hotels and restaurants