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( — June 27, 2014)  — 

AMG Services recently announced that they will be releasing a publication this summer, detailing how aspiring models can groom themselves to become better models and win signings from agencies. A representative of the company mentioned that there are many passionate models who have not received proper guidance on how to nurture their talent thus the timeliness for this particular publication.

“There is pretty much modeling talent out there, but they have no clear direction on what to do in order to make it in this highly competitive market. Most available publications don’t provide them with step-by-step guidelines or checklists, but instead provide only small briefs that don’t seem to have demonstrable effects,” said Tom Longer, a representative of AMG Services.

Tom Longer further said that modeling has majorly gone commercial, making it a challenge for new talents to find their way up the ladder. This, he said, can only be addressed by providing aspiring models with a clear-cut guide that will help start them off before they are ready to approach modeling agencies.

The publication touches on modeling and nutrition, how to choose the type of modeling to pursue, creating own portfolio, how to approach modeling agencies, the competition, among other real world facts about modeling industry. Every aspiring model will therefore have a professional and practical checklist to get ready for the real job. It covers fashion, commercial, runway, glamor modeling and more.

“As a consulting firm, we receive several requests from aspiring models who are blank on what the industry demands. At times it’s a real challenge explaining every detail to them since it eats a lot of time. That’s why we developed this comprehensive guide to help them understand contemporary modeling and the best approach to apply when joining the industry,” added Tom Longer.

By Arturo Medina

About AMG Services:

The AMG Services is a modeling agency that has been operating in the Miami metropolitan area for six years, connecting local modeling talent with commercial modeling opportunities.