AXSES Mobile Checklist Webinar #1: How to Use Google Analytics to Optimise Mobile Websites

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( — June 23, 2014) Boutiliers Pt, NOVS SCOATIA — According to mobile marketing guru Ian R. Clayton attempting to optimize mobile website design and marketing without learning the ins and outs of Google Analytics is like flying blind.  There’s a chance of ending up at the targeted destination, but it’s a very, very slim one.  Thankfully, Clayton’s team at AXSES dives into the subject wholeheartedly in a recently uploaded YouTube webinar where they break down how to use this essential marketing tool.  The webinar acts as a complement to AXSES  Mobile Checklist, a free report that has become one of the year’s most popular mobile marketing resources.

“Not understanding Google Analytics and trying to succeed with mobile marketing is like trying to run before you learn to walk,”  Kathy Lynn Ward, CO of AXSES commented.  “Thankfully, getting caught up to speed isn’t that difficult.  Between our Mobile Checklist report and my new webinar on how to use Google Analytics real gains can be made surprisingly fast!”

The information provided in the webinar focuses on the actionable more than the academic, providing information that can help draw traffic and fuel conversions – the things that most directly affect any marketing, online or off’s, bottom line.

The video, which is 17 minutes long, can be viewed on YouTube for free here.

It’s receiving resoundingly positive feedback.

John K., from San Diego, remarked after watching the webinar, “Mobile marketing has been my weakness.  I’ve been using marketing methods from a decade ago and my sales have been suffering for it.  I can’t believe how much I’ve learned between Ian’s webinar and free report.  Now Google is working for me, not against me.”

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