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( — June 24, 2014) Westlake Village, California — Americans have a rich history of celebrating hard work and perseverance, but many have come to believe that endless “To Do” lists, stressful job situations, and unfulfilling careers are the norm. Bestselling author and motivational speaker Mary Morrissey, featured at, has developed a reputation as one of the foremost leaders in the human potential movement, and the visionary’s DreamBuilder LIVE workshops offer the transformational life coaching people need to start turning their dreams into realities.


Leading difference-maker Mary Morrissey, as seen at, has spent several decades researching what enables humans to find meaningful balance, freedom, inspiration, and connection, and she shares those secrets in her 2 1/2-day DreamBuilder LIVE seminars. Guided by Morrissey and other renowned coaches, participants learn to eliminate self-doubt while refocusing their vision, to send out and attract specific, positive energy, and to access a never-ending source of ideas and solutions, all from a supportive, nurturing environment of fellow dream-building colleagues and friends. A comprehensive schedule, session descriptions, participant testimonials, and registration information for this exclusive event with Mary Morrissey can be found at


With a strong foundation of Morrisey’s dynamic leadership and years of successful results, DreamBuilder LIVE events consistently help individuals to end the cycle of anxiety and tap into a lasting sense of peacefulness, to stop putting off tomorrow’s goals and start living dreams today, and more.

About Us: Mary Morrissey is a bestselling author, clinician, motivational speaker, consultant, and visionary in the field of life coaching. Her wildly popular DreamBuilder seminars have helped thousands discover, and take action to realize, their potential.

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