Can Gluten Sensitivity Cause Bone Loss?

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( — June 25, 2014)  — The Gluten Free Society has released a new video, featuring founder Dr. Peter Osborne, on how gluten sensitivities can lead to bone loss. The most common gluten sensitivity is the autoimmune disease known as celiac. However, there are many other conditions stemming from gluten intolerances and all of them can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies which contribute to bone loss. Dr. Peter Osborne clearly and thoroughly explains how celiac disease, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome, blood sugar dysregulation, and leaky gut can all contribute to bone loss.


The most common disorder of a gluten sensitivity is celiac disease. Most people are familiar with this autoimmune disorder however, they mistakenly assume that everyone with a gluten sensitivity suffers from celiac. Moreover, if a person is not diagnosed with celiac disease they may suffer from another disorder in the spectrum of gluten intolerances. Dr. Osborne specifically mentions this situation in the video in order to bring awareness to people, and he advises people who have any of the symptoms detailed in the video to have a doctor check for a gluten sensitivity. In any case, people who suffer from any strain of gluten intolerance are at risk for severe malabsorption that may cause osteoporosis.


Throughout the video, Dr. Osborne introduces the viewers to the realm of conditions associated with gluten sensitivities. While the most common pathway for bone loss is celiac disease, another manifestation of gluten sensitivity is acid reflux. Similarly to celiac disease, acid reflux causes severe malabsorption, which is a major contributor to vitamin and mineral loss, and leads to dangerous nutritional deficiencies. The triggers a shortage of calcium, vitamin B12, iron, and magnesium, all of which are required to help the body build adequate healthy bones. These nutrients supply the body with the energy needed to produce bone tissue and collagen fibers in adequate amounts for healthy bones.


Moreover, the video familiarizes the viewers with the condition known as irritable bowel syndrome, and more specifically, the chronic diarrhea associated with it. Again, this condition causes malabsorption and the nutrient deficiencies associated with it. Furthermore, gluten sensitivities can cause blood sugar dysregulation and cardiovascular disease with symptoms that include elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure, and increased blood viscosity. Dr. Osborne points out that this condition itself does not necessarily contribute to bone loss but the medications prescribed to treat it can have those adverse effects. The last condition described in the video is the condition known as leaky gut. Unlike the other conditions mentioned in the video this one contributes to chronic inflammation, which is a known inducer of bone loss.


Dr. Peter Osborne concludes the video by suggesting that anybody who is experiencing the symptoms mentioned should have a doctor check for a gluten sensitivity. This will help prevent individuals from weakening their bones later and life and developing osteoporosis. If gluten sensitivity is causing these irregularities but gluten is not being investigated as the potential cause then the remedies are only treating the side effects of gluten sensitivities and not the origin of the issue.


The full video can be viewed directly through the following link:  Can Gluten Sensitivity Cause Bone Loss? or viewers can visit Gluten Free Society’s YouTube Channel Glutenology for over one hundred videos on gluten sensitivities and conditions associated with the syndrome.


About: The Gluten Free Society was founded in 2010 by Dr. Peter Osborne to help educate patients and physicians on the far reaching effects of gluten sensitivity. Gluten Free Society strives to provide information to help people maintain a healthy gluten free lifestyle.  In another recent video Doctor Osborne explains hypothyroidism, one of the most diagnosed conditions in the U.S. today.