Texas Bugs-R-Us Supports DIY Bed Bug Heat Treatment Equipment Rentals

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(Newswire.net — June 25, 2014) Houston, TEXAS — Texas Bugs-R-Us has revealed its bed bugs heat treatment equipment is available for rental, enabling customers to perform Do-It-Yourself pest removal via new and affordable options. The full service pest-control company buys reliable systems from GreenTech Heat Solutions. Effective, safe, and reliable equipment is therefore available, able to get the job done without safety concerns or property damage.

Specializing in roach control and other pest eradication services, Texas Bugs-R-Us has long relied on knowledgeable and professional technicians. Custom treatment options are ideal for removing cockroaches and the nuisance epidemic bed bugs have become in the U.S. Ant, beetle, termite, fly, centipede, and rodent problems can be tackled as well.

Four different DIY heat treatment equipment rental packages are now available. Each is centered on the eMaster Pro electric heater. The 42 pound unit provides up to 20,000 BTU of heat and has a digital thermostat. Running on 120 Volts, the system integrates a high heat motor, air flow safety sensor, and rugged and heat resistant design.

The four packages include:

 -Single Heater Package: Designed to treat 400 square feet, this includes one electric heater, two fans, a power distribution box/generator, a hand held laser temperature sensor, and power cables. The package is best suited for small single room treatments for bed bugs.

-Two Heater Package: Two eMaster Pro units, three fans, plus the other essentials are included for treating spaces up to 750 square feet.

-Three Heater Package: Suited for up to 1,100 square feet, this includes three eMaster Pro electric heaters, four fans, and all the other accessories. This package is best for large rooms in homes, apartments, hotels, and motels.

-Four Heater Package: Four eMaster Pro units, six fans, and more can heat treat up to 1,500 square feet, in rooms with ceiling heights below nine feet.

Calvin Thigpen, owner of Texas Bugs-R-Us, said, “Outbreaks of bed bugs and other pests have become a major problem throughout the U.S. Since they hide in the smallest of places, these can be hard to spot let alone eradicate. Proven and reliable heat treating equipment is now available for Texans who wish to do the work themselves. We are proud to rent out the most effective systems in the industry.”

The bed bugs Texas homes and businesses have been fighting in recent years seem relentless. They hide in bedding, carpeting, and a range of upholstered furnishings. The portable rental equipment provided uses no chemicals. Direct-fired propane heaters are safe for people and homes and are also ecologically friendly, while killing the bed bugs Houston TX home and business owners often deal with.

For more information on Texas Bugs-R-Us, its proven pest control service, and bed bugs heat treatment equipment rentals, go to www.texasbugsrus.com.

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