Thai Healing Massage Academy Announces New Facebook Page

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( — June 26, 2014)  — According to founder and director Shama Kern, Thai Healing Massage Academy has been growing rapidly by offering Thai Massage online training programs to a global audience.


Just days ago, the company launched a new facebook page. When asked what makes this facebook page special or different from thousands of other massage facebook pages, Shama Kern has this to say:


“Our unique position is that we are located in the heartland of Thai Massage, in Thailand. We are able to bring Thai Massage alive with fascinating cultural background information, unique videos and pictures about the exotic massage scene right here at the source.”


Says Kern: “We don’t just write about Thai Massage, we bring the heart and soul of this fascinating healing art to readers from all over the world. We are aiming to become the National Geographic of Thai Massage, and our new facebook page will be an access point to armchair traveling to Thailand, like seeing and tasting and smelling the cultural and therapeutic essence of Thai Yoga Massage.” 


Massage therapist Rose Giro agrees in her comment on the facebook page: “Congratulations on your new Facebook accomplishment, Shama! As with your website, I look forward to reading of your interesting, relevant, surprising, serious and humorous topics and posts.”

Katana Bell, LMT, has this to say on facebook: “ Thank you Shama. I absolutely love your emails and the Facebook page makes it so much easier to drop by.”

According to founder and director Shama Kern, Thai Massage is not just a technique. It is part of a rich culture and tradition, and it has been a proven and effective healing system since hundreds of years here in Thailand.

When asked for more details, he adds this perspective: “Thai Massage is part of life in Thailand. It can be seen everywhere, It is not just a professional system that happens behind closed doors in a massage clinic like in the western world. Here in Thailand it can be colorful, fascinating, surprising, and right out in the open”

“Our new facebook page is meant to be a window into a rich and exotic culture, and a true experience of getting to know a totally different way of looking at massage therapy from an Asian perspective.”

“This can be eye opening for our western readers. We have a unique position since we are located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is a city with the highest concentration of Thai Massage practitioners and schools in the world.”

Thai Healing Massage Academy’s facebook page:


The company also offers a free introductory video training course:


For more information please contact:

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