A New And Innovative Method of Thai Massage Online Education

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(Newswire.net — June 26, 2014)  — Generally the only option for Thai Massage home study training consists of DVDs which are readily available online. However, according to Shama Kern, the founder and director of Thai Healing Massage Academy, this method has shortcomings.


He explains that there are several drawbacks of DVDs:


1. “Once someone purchases them, it is the buyer’s responsibility to figure out how to use the material. There is generally no support for the training and no way to get questions about the material answered”.


2. “Since all the training material is delivered at once on the DVD, there is a high chance that prospective students experience overwhelm and don’t follow through with the training”.


3. “Once students lose their initial enthusiasm, there is no mechanism to encourage them to continue with the training material”.


Shama Kern tells us that statistically only a very small percentage of buyers are actually completing a self directed online training program. When asked how Thai Healing Massage Academy has addressed these common drawbacks of Thai Massage DVDs for home study, he lists the following innovative concepts:


1. “Instead of delivering the training material all at once like on a DVD, we drip feed the training gradually. Students receive one 30 minute video module every two or three days. In this way they have enough practice time and never experience overwhelm.”


2. ” Our students are much less likely to lose their enthusiasm since they are reminded every couple of days when they receive a new training module along with a support email.”


3. “We don’t just leave it up to the students to figure out how to go about the training, but we offer real personal support by the instructor via our online forum. In this way no student can ever feel stuck with the training since they can always ask an experienced instructor.”


4. “We have created an interactive online forum environment where students can read about the progress of others and they can communicate with each other. This bridges the gap to live Thai Massage classroom training to some degree where students can interact with the instructor and other students.”


According to Kern, this interactive and fully supported online teaching model has resulted in much higher follow-through rates compared to industry standards. He says “First many of our students have been skeptical if the video training actually works. But when they experienced this academy level personalized training, the reaction has been close to 100 percent positive”.


Pamela Herrick, a long time Thai Massage therapist and teacher, likes this training medium. In her words: “I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is beautifully organized, paced and executed.”


Mark Wisdom, an exercise physiologist, Registered Yoga trainer, and Thai Massage teacher, comments “Thai Healing Massage Academy’s online courses are of the absolute premium quality and Shama Kern’s professionalism is unmatched.”


When asked about this unique and successful online training method, Kern responds “Thai Healing Massage Academy is the only company which provides unlimited personal support and online training without charging anything extra for this level of support to our students. It takes a lot of our time and dedication, but the results have been well worth it, both for our business and for the high level of satisfaction which we have been able to generate among our students. It’s part good business and part labor of love.”


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