Parent of Autistic Child Announces Her Success With New Autism Supplement

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( — June 26, 2014) Fountain Hills, AZ —  Autism is a condition that most people in America are affected by, in some manner.  Statistics show that 1 in 68 children have this diagnosis.  Yet, despite how common it has become, there still is no cure and no definitive treatment. 

However, scientists have been in the laboratory for years, testing different theories, formulas and drugs to obtain more clarity, hopefully moving closer to a cure for Autism.  Successes like this example have been few and far between. 

Despite no clear answers from medical doctors, there are some extremely promising results coming from the lab.  One specific theory, involving faulty digestion of autistic children, is gaining particular traction.

Scientists have noted that the vast majority of autistic children tested were deficient in a critical enzyme complex that is responsible for breaking down and digesting gluten.  They determined that if the gluten is not effectively broken down, toxic neurochemicals are released, which evolve into the classic autism symptoms that manifest in children with ASD.

 Scientists conducted clinical trials and found that children with ASD who were provided a high quality supplement with the deficient enzyme complex demonstrated marked symptom improvement.  This finding has excited the scientists, physicians, and parents alike.


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The enzyme complex is called “DDP-IV”.  However, it has been noted that not all DDP-IV formulation are the same.  The only formulation that reliably produced the positive results was the patented enzyme complex called BioCore.

One company, Purely Scientific, has been involved in much of this research.  Their signature product, “3-in-1 Digestive Formula” has been meticulously formulated to include not only this high quality BioCore DDP-IV, but also to include the essential digestive enzymes and probiotics that are so important for the autistic child to optimally process nutrition.

Clinical results on this formula have been remarkable.  Pediatricians across the country have enthusiastically shared success stories.

While the formula was once only available to physicians, due to increasing demand and popularity, it has been made available directly to the public.  This product is available on Amazon.

The exact Customer Review of the Autism Supplement is located right here on Amazon. 

In follow-up communication with the Company, the parent reiterated how surprised she was at how quickly it worked, despite being highly skeptical due to all the previous failures.  She shared how she literally received a phone call from her son’s teacher asking her what she had done, since her son was behaving so remarkably.  The teacher informed the mother that her son had been well-behaved the entire day, even during his handwriting class that he dislikes so much.

The mother was overjoyed.  She also shared that her son drew a Father’s Day picture (first time ever) and eagerly asked “Where’s Mommy?” when we was picked up, which also was a first-time experience.

Certainly, such amazing and quick results cannot be guaranteed to be the result in every scenario.  Every child is unique.  However, with high quality ingredients, in a science-backed formula optimally designed, all odds are in favor toward improvement.

For parents interested in trying this quality Autism Supplement, it is available via an Amazon webpage, with free shipping.

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