The Elevation Group Talks About Offshore Asset Protection Trust

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( — July 1, 2014)  — In a new video from The Elevation Group (EVG) both Founder, Mike Dillard, and CEO, Robert Hirsch, sit down with Kevin Day to explain why offshore asset protection trusts are valuable. Kevin Day is the President of Day & Associates and is one of the leading state and international asset protection planning attorneys. As one of the Elevation Group’s top advisors he works together with Mike and Robert to educate individuals on new ways to think about wealth. Collectively, they have shared the techniques and investing strategies utilized by the ultra-wealthy with over fifty thousand members since 2010. Their newest video focuses specifically on offshore asset protection trusts and explains who benefits and when individuals should consider them for their personal wealth or businesses.


The video explains to viewers when to consider creating a new offshore asset protection trust or moving a current domestic trust offshore. Kevin informs Mike and Robert that when individuals amass two million dollars in assets, it is a good time to start educating themselves about offshore trusts. It is recommended that these individuals consult with a planning attorney to contemplate their options. Once an individual accumulates three and a half million dollars in assets they should strongly consider an offshore trust. The video also covers how this can provide people with financial insurance and can also protect them from frivolous litigation.


Kevin Day describes how offshore asset protection trusts can protect both businesses and individuals from certain court cases. Specifically, he uses a breach of contract case as an example and points out how an opposing party’s attorney will always assert a claim of fraud. The grievance would be filed, claiming the contract was intentionally breached to defraud the complainant party. Unfortunately, fraud is not covered under insurance policies and as a result these claims are brought forth as a blackmail tactic. The video further discusses additional circumstances that may necessitate moving assets to offshore trusts.


One such situation occurs when an individual has a large estate. Such an individual certainly should explore offshore asset protection trusts. Other scenarios where a person would benefit moving assets to an offshore trust include having over $1 million in business assets or having an existing domestic asset protection trust that’s currently increasing in value. Offshore trusts are able to provide individuals with financial insurance for both their estates and other assets.


The video can be viewed on The Elevation Group’s YouTube channel here: Why Should I Choose Offshore Asset Protection Trust? They also have over a hundred additional videos exploring a multitude of financial topics.


Their website,, contains more information about The EVG.


About: The Elevation Group was founded by two successful entrepreneurs, Mike Dillard and Robert Hirsch, who watched their friends and family members experience pain, fear, and loss during the financial crisis of 2008, while noticing that the rich grew even richer during the same period. Since then, The Elevation Group has been the fastest growing financial education company on the planet, teaching people new ways to think about wealth. They have taught more than 50,000 members since 2010.