Global Messaging Network Voted Best Answering Service in Glendale California

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( — July 1, 2014) Glendale, CA — The Title of Best Answering Service In Glendale California Has Been Officially Awarded To Global Messaging Network

In a recent vote in which respondents chose the Best Answering Service was a surprising shut out, with Global Messaging Network of Glendale, Ca. the clear winner by a wide margin, over all other messaging services listed in Google search results for Glendale.

The Alliance members, who span the globe, voted online, and although members were divided in initial discussions, when the question was set to the vote, the Glendale-based fully-bilingual answering service was the near-unanimous choice and was proclaimed as the accepted Best Answering Service for Glendale, California.

The Marketing Mastery Alliance is a marketing and business interest group, which hosts and sponsors free Profit Jet business-training webinars for answering service and other business owners.

Members interviewed about the polling reported varying views. Some members were in complete agreement, citing personal experience as the basis of their vote, while others expressed surprised that one company providing 24-hour telephone receptionists and virtual-office services were so nearly-universally recognized.

Global Messaging was chosen as the Best Answering Service in Glendale by Alliance members in large part as the result of contributions that the messaging company has made to the business success of hundreds of businesses in Southern California and across the United States, possibly due to Global’s unique recruitment and training practices for telephone receptionists.

Global management claims that only one in two hundred applicants is chosen and successfully completes the training course, and that this higher quality of training and superior voice tone better supports the businesses who employ Global’s messaging and receptionist services to provide after-hours and off-site telephone answering service.

As the results were tallied, Edmond Cariolagian, General Manager for Global Messaging said, “I really didn’t realize that there was a vote underway, and we are pleasantly surprised that so many people are aware of our work.”

Cariolagian was also overheard saying, “We work hard at becoming an integral part of our clients’ business operations, and according to client reports, have been very successful at capturing more sales leads for tradesmen and contractors who live or die by new business created from callers inquiring about their services. Further, doctors and attorneys and business professionals have been very generous in their praise for the caring way our telephone receptionists protect their patients and clients, and act quickly in emergency situations. It’s great to be recognized!”

For more information contact Answering Service Support at Global Messaging Network at 818-946-0300.

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