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(Newswire.net — July 3, 2014) Adelaide, SOUTH AUSTRALIA — Owner and designer, Adam Riley is releasing Epic’s latest innovation, the Caseboard, the world’s most advanced electric skateboard that folds quickly and easily into a briefcase. The Caseboard is cleverly designed to neatly fold up, making it perfect for carrying on public transport, taking into the office or classroom or popping into the back of the car. 


With 500 Watts of power, the Caseboard offers plenty of speed and its regenerative brake technology puts power back into the battery, meaning it easily and effectively slows down or stops when necessary. Its innovative design features allow it to fold in half, down to the size of a briefcase. Once folded, it is completely covered by its black high quality ABS casing, with no wheels exposed and a useful carry handle design.

Extremely portable and easy to use, the Caseboard weighs only 11.5 kilograms. Using state of the art technology and electronics, the Caseboard features a 36-volt lithium battery giving a range of up to 30 kilometres. Its powerful 500-watt brushless motor allows the rider to reach speeds of 35 km/h. With a battery charge time of between three and five hours, Epic’s Caseboard is designed for those on the go.

The Caseboard electric skateboard uses a 2.4G wireless remote controller, which comes with speedometer, 5-bar battery light indicator, horn, fast and slow speed settings as well as forward and reverse modes. If the remote control is more than about four to six metres away from the board, the board goes into partial brake mode for safety. Both the remote control and Caseboard have automatic switch off mechanisms, with the board automatically switching off after five minutes of non-use and the remote control switching off after three minutes of non-use, ensuring the rider isn’t left with a flat battery.

According to owner and designer, Adam Riley, the Caseboard is a great way to get around. “More fun and less effort than a bike and quicker and more compact than a longboard, the Caseboard offers a quiet, fast and stable ride,” said Adam. He goes on to say, “Being compact and lightweight, the Caseboard is inexpensive to run, costing less than $5 a year for the average rider.”

Along with a dedicated team of engineers and designers, Adam Riley has spent the last two years designing and testing the Caseboard and it’s now ready for the marketplace.

Not new to the world of electric skateboards, Adam Riley made his first electric skateboard at the age of 15, for a school project back in 1991. From there, his passion continued to grow. Today, Adam and his company, Epic Skateboards, make eight different electric skateboards starting from as little as $650, which includes the remote control, chargers, owners manual and tool kit. Using only the best materials for durability and a smooth ride, Epic skateboards range in size and shape, depending on what type of riding one wishes to focus on. Adam has successfully distributed his high quality Australian made electric skateboards all over the world,
All Epic skateboards come with a warranty and spare parts are easily available for sale, should they be necessary.

Adam has already received great reviews for his innovative Caseboard, including a comment from professional skateboarder, Tony Hawk. Tony Hawk said, “I think it’s cool, it’s a great idea, it’s good for travelling, portable and compact. You don’t have to lug a big longboard around. It’s fun.”

The Caseboard has already been sold all over the world. “People are quickly realizing the practicality of this type of electric skateboard,” said Adam Riley. “Whether it’s a kid getting to and from school, or an office working looking for an inexpensive and fun way to get around, the Caseboard is already gaining a lot of attention locally and internationally.”

For further information about the new Caseboard or any other Epic Skateboard product, contact Adam Riley at adam@epicskateboards.com.au. You can also support Adam and get your own Caseboard via his http://kck.st/UBOZGU.

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