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( — July 3, 2014)  — Miami homes with needy children will benefit this summer from a planned visit organized by Creative And Clever and New York based rapper Scott Tucker. The core of the agenda is scouting for children with talent to be taken through two years of music training and eventual recording. They are also planning to distribute foodstuff, clothing, beddings and toys that have been contributed by well-wishers during their joint campaign, “A Heart for the Needy.”

Talented children who do not have resources due to their lack of funds cannot access training and recording that wealthier individuals enjoy. Some of these children just sing or rap as a hobby not knowing that their talent could turn their fortunes and transform them into celebrities. That is the maxim of “A Heart for the Needy.”

“We are going out there to identify real talents so that we can nurture them through training and recording. It’s through a similar program that I am who I am today. I owe it to the kids to try to make a few dreams come true,” says Tucker. “We know that there are talents out there that only need a little jumpstart in order to flourish. The work with Creative And Clever has been a large undertaking, but extremely rewarding – and we believe that we’ll succeed.”

The campaign, “A Heart for the Needy,” has been running for well over three months now. Families, friends, organizations, and individuals have come forward to support the cause. They have contributed money, resources, and exposure. Scott Tucker and team will evenly distribute all donated goods.

“Some people really went out of their way to support this campaign,” says Victor Woods, CEO “We’ve seen people leave their jobs to run home to bring in their contributions. We have seen companies and families hold roundtables to decide what to give to this campaign, and we acknowledge their spirit, without which this wouldn’t have been successful. We’ve set up an able team to oversee the distribution process and an equally competent panel to help pick the talents.”

Similar campaigns are expected to take place in other cities.

By Ginger Webster

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