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( — July 7, 2014) Las Vegas, NV — One of the leading providers of baby products, Freddie and Sebbie, introduced their new creation called kick mats securing vehicle seats from being ruined by scuff marks and other stain. This information came from the co-founder of the mentioned company, Neil Speight.


“If you are looking for an inexpensive but made to very high-standard super-long life car seat protective covers, the Freddie and Sebbie new child friendly, very easy to keep clean, and simple and easy to install Kick Mats is your best bet,” stated Neil.


Neil as well mentioned that aside from the good qualities of the Kick Mats, buyers will as well be granted with a free replacement guarantee that they can use whenever they need it. These kinds of mats, which are beautifully created to fit almost all vehicles, are created to the maximum standards in quality, safety, reliability, and durability.


Not merely will the mat offer the benefit of a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee to its users but it will as well shield the car seats from stain, scuff marks, and the chance that it’ll be scratched by the product itself.


“You’ll also like how easy these children friendly Kick Mats are kept clean, because they are designed to keep mucky stains, spills and scuff marks off your seats permanently. They are great for keeping your seat clean,” claimed Neil.


All car owners are aware that it is truly difficult and exhausting to maintain the cleanliness of the vehicle seats more especially on keeping it free of all marks and scrapes mainly left by their kids. That is why these two-pack Kick Mats were developed to answer such difficulty ensuring to protect both the driver’s and the passengers’ seats.


“If you’re dealing with these problems, and you want to protect and prolong the life of your car seats, you may want to consider Kick Mats,” stated Neil about their multi-purpose Kick Mats, which can promptly stop kids from harming or causing scuff marks on car seats. The good representative also says, “.. you’ll never again spend hours washing out the mucky stains the kids have left, or even worse, spending a fortune at a professional car valet.”, which is obviously promoting the greatness of the Kick Mats.


The website, provides all the information clients need to find out concerning the company’s products; so you only need to look it over to find out more about the brand new Kick Mats of Freddie and Sebbie.


About Freddie and Sebbie

Freddie and Sebbie is a brand-new company which will launch soon marketing premium quality, affordable baby items. We are two wedded siblings (not married to each other) having six kids among us, the youngest being are twin babies named Freddie and Sebbie where the company name was taken from.


We are as well buyers of baby items and accessories and we came up with the option to develop some of ourselves which we can also share to other parents in the near future and that’s how our business providing baby products started. To tell you the truth, we as well make use of our own items to our children that’s why we are so assured that our items will be of excellent aid to you and will not make you feel disappointed.




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