Executive Coach Mihir Thaker Encourages ‘Las Vegas’ Behavior For Success

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(Newswire.net — July 7, 2014) Los Angeles, CA — Mihir Thaker, recognized as a top Executive Coach in Melbourne Australia, is using a brand, new strategy to deliver results for his clients.

A go-to coach for entrepreneurs who want to align their passion and their purpose, Thaker consistently demonstrates success — driving revenues for his clients by as much as twenty to fifty percent in a matter of months. Recently, he’s made a shift in focus and is now borrowing a technique from Las Vegas’ playbook to help skyrocket his clients results — in one case, helping them deliver $300,000 in only 6 short weeks.

Another long-time client, Selina Banji, shares that she had, “almost overnight results from the moment I started working with Mihir. He helped me moved quickly into a fulfilling higher income position and to get immediate access to $100,000. The level of change implemented was deep and powerful.”

In his work as an executive coach, Thaker started to identify more and more limiting factors that were leading his clients to failure and eventually came up with what he calls the “Las Vegas Model.” According to Thaker, the basic idea is that you, “Provide your clients with a great Las Vegas style buffet of options. When you offer something everyone wants, everyone will wins. It’s a simple shift, but it’s not easy.”

Thaker will share the in-depth secrets of his technique in an exclusive interview with PlumeSocial President Morgan Drmaj, live via Google Hangout on: Wednesday, July 9 at 10:30am AEST, which is Tuesday, July 8 at 4:00 pm EST/1:00 pm PST.

Thaker’s clients Natasha and Stuart Denman, of Ultimate 48 Hour Author fame, will join the interview to discuss the impact Thaker’s coaching has had on their business. “Working with Mihir was a revelation,” saya Natasa Denman. “Mihir helped us discover new key behaviors and get people to connect with our mission. Within six weeks, we reached $300,000 in sales and surpassed our six-month goal.”

Thaker’s personal success story — raising himself from the slums of Mumbai to working with successful thought leaders and executive coaches like Bryan Franklin and Ralph Anania — was driven by Thaker first using his coaching methodologies to achieve his own transformation.

Now that he’s built a successful coaching practice, he is selective in the clients he’s willing to work with. “I love working with people like the Denmans because they are 100% invested in their success,” Thaker said. “They realize they have to play the game in a way that they are willing to fail. I look forward to sharing how I helped them get great results with the Las Vegas Method.”


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Learn more about Mihir Thaker at http://mihirthaker.com.au. On his site, you can also download Thaker’s e-book “The Money Experience System: Where Heart, Mind, and Money Meet”.



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