Purely Scientific Helps Autistic Children Eliminate Meltdowns

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(Newswire.net — July 7, 2014) Fountain Hills, AZ —  As everyone is aware, Autism is a serious condition that is becoming more and more common.  Most recent data reveals that 1 in 68 US children is diagnosed with Autism.   Studies also reveal that as high as 1 in 48 boys are autistic.  These alarming rates demand attention and focus on finding a cure for autism.

While scientists and pharmaceutical companies are aggressively seeking to understand what causes autism, as well as finding a cure, meanwhile many research studies have been pointing a clear direction towards a probable cause.  One well supported theory of a cause of autism, or at least a cause of worsening behavior, lies in a faulty digestion pathway.

Studies have shown that a large percentage of autistic children possess particular enzyme deficiencies.  There is a distinct pattern as to which enzymes are deficient.  Enzymes that are responsible for digesting gluten (found in wheat products) and casein (found in dairy products), in particular, are deficient in autistic children.  Multiple laboratory studies have shown that this enzyme deficiency leads directly to toxin production, which directly affects the neurological functioning of the child.

Therefore, most pediatrician recommend that autistic children be placed on a Gluten Free Casein Free (GFCF) diet.  While this can certainly help, it can also be extremely challenging for a parent to stick to.

Finding a more convenient solution became needed.  Repeated studies have demonstrated that when a high quality enzyme complex, in the form of a supplement, is given to autistic children, the autistic behavior diminishes and more social engagement emerges.

This is exactly what one satisfied customer of Purely Scientific has witnessed with her son.

Mrs. Hough, the mother of a 7-year-old autistic boy shares her story, “To put it bluntly, I’m impressed.”  She continued stating that she has tried other autism supplements, and probiotics, and never really saw a response.  She had investigated Purely Scientific and felt it was different, so she gave it a try.  After just a short week, she noted positive changes.

At the end of the first week, her son’s teacher texted her, asking her if she’d done anything different because her son had been amazing that day in school.   He hadn’t misbehaved and had followed all instructions, even during the class he liked the least.  This was the first sign of many more good things to come.

A few weeks after taking the supplement, Mrs. Hough shared a further update, “I brought him into a pet store with me, which is something that he never would have been able to do before.  No meltdown!  He held my hand the entire time.”  She continued to share how he would previously have tantrums and simply wouldn’t be able to cooperate as he seems so easily able to do now.

After sharing further success scenarios with her son, she concluded by adding the comment, “Sometimes I have to remind myself where we came from.  Thank you Purely Scientific.”

What exactly makes the Purely Scientific formula so effective?

Donald B. Opp, Spokesperson for Purely Scientific, offered a straight-forward response.  “Our formula is solidly based on science and clinical studies.  We focus 100% of our effort on creating successful results for our customers. The research is clear that quality digestive enzyme supplementation, specifically with a patented form of an enzyme complex called DDP-IV, produces positive results with Autism.  We combined this powerful enzyme complex with other essential digestive enzymes, as well as critical probiotics that are often dysfunctional or absent in an Autistic child.  The results of this precise combination has been proven clinically over and over to produce positive results. “ 

He added further, “Hearing stories such as Mrs. Hough just shared is EXACTLY why we are in this business.  We want to share this proven solution to as many people as possible. Autism does not yet have a cure, but our solution has proven to help autistic kids all across the country.”

While Purely Scientific “3-in-1 Digestive Formula” was once only available for physicians, it is now available directly to the public via an Amazon webpage.

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