Best Office Cleaning Company in Metairie Louisiana Launches New Service

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( — July 7, 2014) Mandeville, Louisiana — Simply Clean Janitorial Service, Recognized Locally As The Best Office Cleaning Company In Metairie Louisiana, Launches New Facility Safety Audit Service To Help Property Owners And Managers Identify Existing And Potential Problems On Their Properties. 

Jeff Norris, owner of Simply Clean Janitorial Service, says his new Facility Safety Audit service provides property owners and managers a great opportunity to identify problems early on at their office locations. His audit service is comprised of a complete building inspection and summary report identifying every possible cleaning maintenance issue you could think of. 

Jeff developed this service out of his commitment to providing the best possible janitorial service to his clients. Time and time again over the last 15 years he would notice things on his client properties that were often overlooked by owners and property managers. Things like minor plumbing leaks, deterioration of buildings in unlikely places, lighting problems, etc. He found that when property managers took quick action on his Facility Safety Audit report their employer tenants would notice how quickly they responded to problems, and how well they took care of their office environment, keeping a clean and safe work environment for their employees. This means a lot when it comes to tenant retention. This is most likely why Simply Clean Janitorial is Recognized as the Best Janitorial Service in Metairie Louisiana.  

Jeff said his clients were so appreciative of the Facility Safety Audit Service because he was basically providing them with an early detection system for potential problem on their properties. He has gotten such a great response that now he provides his clients with a monthly report that covers 25+ different standard inspection items, with another 5 to 10 more depending on the industry or the property. Anything from lighting, to plumbing, to environmental control issues, and other building maintenance areas. The monthly report doesn’t just spell out the problem, but provides a detailed cost estimate to remedy problem items if it can be cure in-house. Additionally, he will let clients know what they can take care of internally or through his firm versus having to go out and get a contractor to do the repairs. “A lot of times property managers have difficulty finding companies that can fix these smaller problems at an affordable rate because some jobs are just too small and contractors either don’t see it as being worth their while or they will bump up their costs to make it profitable to do the work,” Norris says. 

Simply Clean Janitorial Service is recognized as the Best Office Cleaning Company, not only because they provide great cleaning services, but because they pay attention to the little things that go unnoticed until they become expensive problems. They are in a very unique position to help identify problems early on, and can provide their clients with an affordable way to fix them. Jeff says this is what has gotten him such great reviews on his services. Not only does he provide high quality cleaning services at competitive rates, but he takes care of the little things that property managers tend to put off or overlook! 

About Simply Clean Janitorial Service

Simply Clean Janitorial Service was established in 1999 and is located in Mandeville, Louisiana. Jeff Norris and his firm proudly service companies across southern Louisiana from New Orleans to Lafayette including areas such as Mandeville, Covington, Metairie, Kenner, Hammond, Slidell, Baton Rouge, and all areas in between. Their services include janitorial, light maintenance, carpet care, and floor care.

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