K-9 Companions Introduces Methods to Stop Biting and Barking

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(Newswire.net — July 10, 2014) Lake Matthews, California –According to Karen Duet, owner of Kingsden’s K-9 Companions, dogs bite and bark for a variety of reasons.  However, K-9 Companions offers help for both dogs and owners.  With proper training, many dogs can be reprogrammed to avoid bad behaviors.  However, it takes a deep understanding on the part of the owner to reinforce the proper behavior and ensure that the dog retains its training.

Therefore, K-9 Companions offers not only training for dogs but also “training” for owners.  Karen Duet, owner of K-9 Companions, points out that although many things may lead to biting behavior, the foundational cause is miscommunication.  Puppies may bite as part of their play, while other dogs may have a strong bite “drive” that causes them to nip.  However, more serious biting behavior may be displayed when a dog is frustrated, jealous, fearful, asserting dominance, in pain, trying to protect itself or its owner, or even as the result of a neurological issue.  It is important to understand why a dog is barking in order to ensure that the proper corrective action is applied.

Barking is another common cause for concern.  According to Karen Duet, barking usually signals some type of emotional stress, such as loneliness, frustration, desire for something, warning or excitement.  It is very important not to accidentally reward barking behavior and to take the proper steps to identify the reason behind the barking in order to put a stop to it.

K-9 Companions, located on the web at http://K-9companions.com, offers obedience training as well as service dog training and certification, information for those who wish to become animal trainers and other services including dogs for sale.

About K-9 Companions:  Karen Duet is Karen Duet is the owner of K-9 Companions Dog Training in southern California and Nashville, Tennessee.  She is also the author of four books on dog training:  The Home & Family Protection Dog Selection & Training, Howell Book House, 1993, available on Amazon; The Business Security K-9 Selection and Training, Howell Book House, 1995, available on Amazon; Advanced Schutzhund, Howell Book House, 1999,available on Amazon; Dog Training 101, Book Surge 2008, available on Amazon.

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