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( — July 14, 2014) Osaka, Osaka-fu — Free guided meditation released by SurgingLife.Com to aid all users in achieving positive life change and quality stress relief with ease. As further testament to the commitment of SurgingLife and its desire to aid people in changing their lives and attaining a joyful lifestyle, this new guided and free meditative breathing video has been released for the pleasure of all.


This is the first free guided piece released by SurgingLife and sets the tone for the peaceful and calming tracks which are still to come within the guided meditation section of the site. Whilst the site has already released other free meditative videos to enhance users lives, this piece brings the additional element of the guided track.


The video that the guided breathing exercise is set with is an ethereal sky. The light wispy clouds through which the Sun flows gently bring a deeper dimension to the meditative exercise. Something which has been yet further enhanced by the serene relaxation music that flows alongside the soft and smooth vocal guidance.


This Free Guided Meditation runs at 16 minutes and 6 seconds, and carries you deep into an exercise that has good health benefits. Breathing exercises, especially when performed while meditating, bring the practitioners a deep sense of calm and aid in healing the body and mind. The deepening sense of relaxation aiding with stress relief for a start, something which in itself brings a host of benefits.


Deep breathing, and breathing with a regulated guided flow as is in this video helps the body to become calm with ease. As breathing is deepened the heart rate slows naturally. Alongside the slowing pulse tension naturally subsides from the body on a physical level. Something which in turn triggers the mind to relax and become calm. With all of this aiding in the reduction of Cortisol levels, and as such creating a beneficial boost to health on multiple levels. More on this and other benefits of meditating can be found within the site.


The duration has been set so as to make it easy for users to enjoy this practice once or more times per day with ease. When practised with this level of regularity those meditating with it will notice changes within their stress levels quickly, and alongside that other improvements in physical, mental and emotional health.


The video can be found within the Guided Meditation section of SurgingLife.Com and also via the SurgingLife YouTube Channel. The site wishes all users the best of health and joyful stress relief with this free guided meditation.

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