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( — July 15, 2014) Taplow, Berkshire — A new service has recently launched that aims to end one of the main problems facing UK garage owners: how to keep track of valuable MOT customers. MOTs are a vital source of income for garage as MOT test fees for cars bring in anything from £35 to £55, per MOT. This is a lucrative source of regular income, but until now there has not been an easy automated way for a garage owner to keep in touch with these customers.


However, this looks set to change thanks to a revolutionary text-message based app called Easy MOT Reminder. Although there hasn’t yet been a formal study with MOT garages, automated SMS appointment reminders have been extremely effective within the medical and health industries to ensure patients don’t miss their appointments.


Easy MOT Reminder App uses the same SMS technology to help both garage owners and customers keep track of when their next MOT is due- and with potential fines for not carrying out an MOT on time as much as £1000, it’s certainly important to ensure people are helped wherever possible. With Easy MOT Reminder, all garage owners have to do is to ask customers to register for the service by sending a text message. The app will then remember the due date for them and send reminder messages containing the garage’s contact details 1 month, 14 days and two days before their next MOT is due.


Mechanics and garage owners certainly stand to benefit from the innovation. Many feel that they’re too busy with day to day admin and the practicalities of running a business to keep track of MOT due dates on behalf of customers, even if that does mean they could be that customer’s first point of call for that repeat business. Easy MOT Reminder solves that problem: all they need to do is enter some basic information and push a button: the service will do the rest.


It takes advantage of the latest secure cloud storage technology, so there is no need to install software on your computer and the customer information completely confidentially. It also means that garage owners just access the easy to use system any computer or mobile device connected to the internet. It certainly seems like days spent anxiously searching for your car’s documentation and worrying that you might have missed your MOT due date could soon be a thing of the past.


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Easy MOT Reminder can be accessed via , it is a division of DigitalnMobile Ltd. The Easy MOT Reminder Team have worked within FTSE100 tech companies. They have over ten years’ experience within the mobile industry and are experts in digital and mobile marketing.

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