Greens Superfood Powder is Considered the Best by Athletes

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( — July 21, 2014)  — Athletic Greens was carefully formulated by doctors and nutritionists over the course of ten years. The result was an easy to mix and naturally sweet green superfood powder designed as a way for active people to cover all of their nutritional bases. It is the world’s most comprehensive daily formula for superior health and athletic performance and is being recommended for people who are looking to take their health, energy, immunity, and fitness to the next level.


Cliff Harvey is a two time all-round weightlifting world champion and record holder who now gives nutritional advice to people looking to improve their fitness levels. He recommends Athletic Greens powder supplement to not only athletes but also for all individuals looking to a daily boost of energy. Providing up to twelve servings of fruits and vegetables in each scoop it can easily be mixed with water or protein shakes to provide the body with the vitamins and vital nutrition it needs. One of the premises behind Athletic Greens is to ensure people have the ability to successfully absorb nutrients.

Currently many people take a daily multi-vitamin or other supplement but are ingesting a completely ineffective product. If the body is not absorbing the ingredients in the dietary supplement then it is rendered useless and ultimately is just a big waste of money. With seventy-five whole food sourced ingredients in optimal amounts the body has an easier time absorbing them to prevent nutritional deficiencies and optimize total body health. Furthermore, this top green superfood powder is packed with digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics that all work together to improve digestion and gastrointestinal function.

Also loaded with plants, fruits, herbs, and mushrooms it is a great way for its users to detoxify and protect their bodies. Switching to this supplement can have immediate results on health, energy, and performance. Athletic Greens is the leading green powder supplement on the market for a reason. It provides it users with nutritional insurance and can be taken in less than thirty seconds every day.


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