Former Tony Robbins Trainer Reveals Hidden Language Pattern Approaching “Mind Control”

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( — July 22, 2014) Las Vegas, Nevada — A former Tony Robbins trainer and professional speaker recently revealed 2 specific sets of language patterns used by politicians, sales people and clergy that resembles “mind control”.

“Most people don’t realize how open we are to the power of words,” stated Kalani Vale, author of Super Hero Single Dad. “The use of specific language patterns to open a person’s mind isn’t mind control, but it can sure appear that way.”

Vale knows a thing or two about communication. The speaker and author was a trainer for international sensation, Tony Robbins. Robbins, known for his infomercials and 3 day intensive, life-changing weekends, has touched the lives of millions with his message of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Vale, who has owned several businesses and runs a successful financial service firm, confirmed what Robbins teaches.

“Our minds are like a thermos…they only are able to accept a liquid if the lid is unscrewed. Most sales people, parents and businessmen simply start making their case and pour information onto their listeners, without first ‘unscrewing’ the minds of the other person,” stated Vale.

“It is only after you have opened up a person to suggestion that you can suggest an idea or concept. This isn’t hypnosis…it’s influence and there is a huge difference,” Vale told us.

Vale’s experiences as a real estate investor, who amassed a fortune before he was 30, along with a string of successes in network marketing prepared him for a career as the #1 trainer for Robbins. His monthly webinars reveal much more than business and training. Vale’s real passion for communication goes much deeper than business.

“The biggest influence I’ve been able to make by using proper, empowering language has been with my kids,” stated Vale. I am a big super hero fan and there are clear examples of super hero language that clearly shaped how my kids interact with others. No matter how good a parent is, however, they are still exposed to super villain language that can destroy a kid’s ego in a second.”

Any trip to a youth sporting event will reinforce the disempowering and ego-destroying language that is heard on the field. “Last month, I heard a coach ‘motivate’ 9 year olds by shouting and speaking such ugly words, I felt my gut twist in a knot,” reflected Vale. “A parent can build a child up or break him down with a single word. Knowing how to discipline a kid, without destroying their self-worth isn’t rocket science, but it does require some basic communication skills.”

Vale is presenting these skills at his upcoming webinar, “Super Hero Language” this Wednesday, July 23rd, at 5 PM PST. 


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