All Seasons Roofing Opens New Office in Wallace, NC

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( — July 23, 2014) Wilmington, NC — For years, Wilmington-based All Seasons Roofing has serviced Wallace, NC, from a rented office. However, the company has recently opened up a brand new office in Wallace, firmly establishing their place in the city.

All Seasons Roofing built this new office to their own specifications. This confidence reflects the ethos of Mike Rivenbark, the owner of the company and the latest in a long line of roofers. The roof of the new office lets potential clients know the level of quality that they can expect.


Roofing is an extremely competitive and lucrative business. This is particularly the case in North Carolina, which is frequently hit by storms (the most recent being Hurricane Arthur). Homeowners in the region know that they need to have strong roofs that can survive even the toughest weather.


As residents of North Carolina themselves, the owners and employees of All Seasons Roofing have a vested interest in installing reliable roofing. This dedication to client safety and satisfaction has enabled them to succeed and grow as a business.


The company has experienced steady expansion over the past several years. The new Wallace office is only one example of this. Another is that All Seasons Roofing is now offering new services. Examples of this include gutter repair, woodwork, as well as the building and maintenance of custom sunrooms and other enclosures. With these, All Seasons Roofing hopes to provide a more comprehensive service to its clients.



In addition to its Wallace office and Wilmington headquarters, All Seasons Roofing also maintains a presence in Jacksonville, NC. These multiple locations allow All Seasons Roofing to maintain a large area of service. The company intends to continue providing the reliable roof repair and installation for which it is known.

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