Wink Jones Partners with Mark Morrell to Create Quality CZ Jewelry

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( — August 5, 2014) Boise, ID — Through expertise and hard work, Wink Jones has earned his place in the world of cubic zirconia jewelry. His success can be seen in his website,, which features fine CZ jewelry that ranges from engagement rings to loose stones. Now, Mr. Jones is proud to announce a partnership with jewelry designer Mark Morrell of Their goal? To bring clients the very best in jewelry.


Mr. Morrell’s expertise lies in precious metals. He works with platinum as well as 18K white and yellow gold. Mr. Morrell has produced truly exquisite engagement and wedding rings. His creations are known for their elegant style and remarkable structural strength. A Morrell ring can last for generations


Mr. Morrell’s work is focused on the client’s needs. He works directly with buyers in order to create rings that meet their expectations. Mr. Morrell also pays special attention to the polish of the jewelry. He never touches the metal with his bare hands, instead using gloves. This precaution prevents finger oil from marring the surface.


In this new partnership, Mr. Jones will act as a bridge between Mr. Morrell and his clients. WinkCZ and its sister site, High Performance Diamonds, already have a wide network of clients accrued during Mr. Jones’ time in the CZ jewelry business. Those who are interested in purchasing fine platinum wedding rings can now contact Mr. Morrell through WinkCZ.



Mr. Morrell’s work is in high demand, which limits the amount of clients he can accept. By being connected to the WinkCZ market, he can access clients with a keen appreciation for fine jewelry. For and, this may be the start of a beneficial and long-lasting partnership.

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