How to Publish a Book and Grow Rich Free Event Seattle Aug 8

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( — August 5, 2014)  — Seattle WA —

“Publish a Book and Grow Rich” is a weekend bootcamp event to be held in Seattle Aug 8-10. It’s a weekend intensive course on how a book can be the door that brings a business to a whole new level of growth, profit, and success. The Seattle event is part of a successful, years-spanning bootcamp events series organized and led by Gerry Robert, bestselling author of “The Millionaire Mindset”.


The bootcamp event is on a limited-time promotion; the 20 first people to register for the event from this page will get the $1,995 worth of ticket free. The promotion is valid on a first come first served basis. All attendees to the Seattle event will get two giveaways, the best-selling book by Gerry Robert “Mulitply Your Business” and the Home Study Course of “Publish a Book and Grow Rich” which includes, videos, seminar recordings and other information products.


Gerry Robert, when asked what’s in store for the Seattle bootcamp event attendees, answered,

“This event is a must for every entrepreneur and business owner who’s tired of doing just fine. To all aspiring millionaires out there, the “Publish a Book and Grow Rich” bootcamp is the ticket on how to become successful by making the most out a book’s marketing power.”


“Everyone wants to know how to become rich or how to become famous, and the answer to these questions is none other than write a book and get published.” Said multimillionaire, Gerry Robert.


People can use a published book to improve their industry standing and to acquire a leading status in their niche. This, along with other marketing strategies will help them answer the perennial question, “How to get rich?”

More specifically, the bootcamp event in Seattle will help attendees discover the multitude of money-making opportunities a book provides. A book can help people increase their income, boost their digital and interpersonal authority and credibility, increase one’s clientele, and improve their media visibility and acclamation.


The Aug 8th event will be held at:


Embassy Suites Seattle


15920 W. Valley HW
Seattle, WA 98188
Phone: +1 (425) 227-8844


Vancouver event August 15th-17th