New INFUSIONSOFT WordPress Membership Site Plugin Makes WP Membership Sites Easy

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( — August 5, 2014) Phoenix, AZ — In addition to my role here at, in my “spare time”, I own a marketing agency.  Recently, I purchased a license for Infusionsoft and  I was looking for the best solution to be able to integrate the power of Infusionsoft’s CRM with our new WordPress membership website, in order to build a functional, easy to use, and blazing fast membership website for membership subscribers.


Having recently purchased a subscription to Infusionsoft, the leading software provider for an all-in-one sales & marketing software, I was excited to see what kind of integration Infusionsoft offered to build a membership site that would work perfectly with WordPress.



Excitedly, I researched the Infusionsoft Marketplace, where Infusionsoft developers advertise their 3rd party applications to integrate and connect with other software systems. I discovered that there were 2 primary Infusionsoft membership site applications that could work to create a membership website. The first one was CustomerHub.  So I attended one of their educational webinars, and discovered their system looked very simple and easy to use, and offered a lot of functionality.   However, what I didn’t like was that it would NOT integrate Infusionsoft with WordPress sites, and that you were forced to build your membership site on a sub-domain of their website. For example, if I wanted to create a membership site with CustomerHub’s software, I would have to use a web address like this, There are several drawback to this, including losing brand brand authority and loyalty with our subscribers, and a limited selection of possible sub-domains to use.  So CustomerHub wasn’t an option.




Then I investigated the iMember360 plugin that offered a lot of promise to effectively connect Infusionsoft with WordPress-based websites. I found many positive reviews about iMember360, so I anticipated this would be an ideal solution.  I reached out to the creators and developers of the iMember360 membership plugin no less than three times, but never received any response or reply.  This made me rather apprehensive, as I felt very uncomfortable that I wouldn’t get good customer support, since I wasn’t even getting a response when I was asking sales-related questions. In fact, in one of my inquiries, I specifically mentioned that I was interested in purchasing their solution, but just had a few questions that I wanted to ask first before committing.  This meant that iMember360 wasn’t a viable solution for me due to the lack of sales or customer support.



These results were disappointing and figured I’d need to postpone the launch of our membership site until I could find an ideal solution.  I was a bit despondent, as I was frustrated that I couldn’t find anything that would be an ideal solution to build a membership system on a WordPress site and integrate with Infusionsoft.



Fortunately, the very next week I was attending a webinar, where they revealed that they had just implemented a new membership plugin that integrated both Infusionsoft and WordPress, however it wasn’t publicly available… yet. Being the tough, investigative journalist that I am (ha, ha), I tracked down the creators of this new membership site plugin that integrates WordPress with Infusionsoft.  As a result, I connected with the main developer of the WordPress membership site plugin called Memberium.


It turns out that its main developer, David Bullock, had several years of experience building and customizing membership site solutions for both small and large scale cleints, with some of his clients running membership sites with over 50,000 plus members. When one of his clients had an issue with one of the aforementioned solutions from the Infusionsoft Marketplace, David, decided to create a custom membership plugin specifically for his client and was intended to remain private.



However, good news travels fast. As a result, some people who had been using other Infusionsoft membership site solutions asked if David would be making his membership site plugin publicly available. One of these people was Michael Mitchell, an Infusionsoft & marketing expert. Although David never had intended on taking his creation to the marketplace publicly, Micah persuaded David that there was a huge demand in the Infusionsoft community for a new membership site plugin that would integrate with WordPress.  Thus, Memberium was born.


As a result, I was able to connect with both David and Micah and conducted a brief interview about the entire process of the membership site plugin development and some of its features. Here is a link to the full video. I found both David and Michael to be very cordial and VERY supportive in helping me to understand how and why Memberium would be the best choice to create a membership site using both Infusionsoft and WordPress.

So I installed a copy of the Memberium on our WordPress site, and had it installed and basically setup literally within a few minutes.  I found the system very simple and easy to use, but still offered lots of flexibility and customization. I also discovered that the system was set up to interact very well with other common WordPress plugin solutions, so that I could integrate the plugin with all of the normal plugins that we use on our WordPress websites.



After I had a chance to play with the plugin and get the basics set up, I intentionally asked questions of both David and Micah on how to do specific actions or how things would work within the system.  I wanted to see what kind of support and help they would offer.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover each went out of their way to answer my questions and even offered a personal training session. I thought I was special… until I discovered that ALL of their customers get a free support session personalized to their needs to help ensure their membership site gets up and running successfully.



So I’m very happy to say that I’m glad I discovered the Memberium plugin, as it appears to be the best solution to create a WordPress membership site that integrates with Infusionsoft, at least for my needs.  For those Infusionsoft users that are looking to create a membership site on WordPress, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Memberium WordPress plugin as a viable solution. For more information about Memberium and how it can benefit Infusionsoft and WordPress users, please visit



UPDATE:  Since the original writing of this article, the Memberium team has been consistently updating and improving both the functionality of the plugin, their documentation, and ease of use of their WordPress Membership site plugin.  This is a great sign that Memberium is a viable, long-term solution for those who want to build a WordPress Infusionsoft membership site.