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(Newswire.net — August 7, 2014) Lake Forest, IL — Fans can finally rest easy. This season, they actually have a shot at a face value ticket for the big game with their team’s name on it. All it takes is a simple purchase of a TeamTix reservation through the event holder’s website. The College Football Playoff, the Big Ten Football Championship Game, the Orange Bowl – the brand name doesn’t matter. What does is that fans are finally in the game thanks to the TeamTix software platform.

Understanding the Possibilities

There are few fans who don’t want to follow their team all the way to the end of the season, especially if that end means a hard fought, well-matched championship game. These days, it’s not always possible for the average fan, no matter what the game. Ticket brokers combined with secondary markets like StubHub mean high prices for high demand games which fans often can’t afford to pay. Buying a ticket for that game from an outlet like Ticketmaster often means buying a pricey seat before your team ever starts the season. If they don’t make it to the big game, you’re stuck holding a seat you no longer want.

The TeamTix platform, in use by many of the biggest brands in sports, changes that equation. Dedicated fans can get in before the first game of the season ever begins, by making a reservation to buy a ticket at face value if their team qualifies. Reservations start as low as $10 – $15 for some tickets. Once the team is in, the fan pays just face value for the ticket. It really is that simple.

Value to Fans

“The traditional way fans acquire seats is to purchase tickets from the initial public sale offering for the event, many months before, using speculation that their team might make it to the game” said Kurt Westveld Director of Sales Support and Business Development for Forward Market Media. TeamTix offers the same face value price. The only difference is we’re activating and therefore enabling a new option for fans to follow their team to the big game, in some cases for as little as $10 per ticket. So for a pair of tickets, a fan pays $20, and they are guaranteed those seats at face value if their team qualifies.

Flip that over to the traditional buy your ticket in advance way and that fan pays for the face value of the ticket, plus taxes and delivery up front, then sits back with their purchased tickets waiting to see if their team qualifies. If their team fails to advance, they are stuck with tickets they don’t want and are forced to unload the tickets using the volatile secondary market.  

TeamTix levels the playing field for the fan that wants to be there with their team. It mitigates the risk of having to sell your ticket below the purchase price in the case of a lower demand game, plus there is the guarantee of a face value ticket for a big demand game.”

Planning Ahead = Better Prices

Not all reservations get locked in at such a low price through the platform, though. Fans that purchase a TeamTix reservation early get that great price. As the season progresses and the title contender’s rise to the top, the TeamTix prices go up but still remain a great value compared to participation in the secondary market.

 “The early bird gets the worm in a TeamTix Forward Market because as the season progresses and your team keeps winning, the demand naturally goes up and the prices follow that demand.” said Westveld.

The Outlook for the Platform

While some bigger brands have adopted the technology, fans are reaping the benefits now and new markets are sure to follow soon.  Check out those that have and get into the big game when your team qualifies by purchasing a TeamTix reservation today!

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