Columbus, OH Personal Trainer Tip Video Series Launched by AussieFIT

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( — August 6, 2014) Columbus, OH — AussieFIT, with two health clubs located in East Columbus, OH and Hilliard, OH, recently launched a series of video Trainer Tips to help their members, and non-members, correctly perform exercises both inside and outside the health club environment.  


AussieFIT and their leadership decided that it wasn’t enough to provide assistance inside their health clubs; they want to empower and educate their members as well, so they can safely exercise wherever they may find themselves.


To accomplish this, AussieFIT has developed a series of short-videos that show certified trainers demonstrating how to both use the in-club machines properly, and perform many core-strength exercises, which can be done in or outside the health club. These videos are delivered via mobile, e-mail and social media.


“The members love these tips; we often find members using the equipment the wrong way or doing a core exercise incorrectly. These types of issues can have long term detrimental affects”, says AussieFit owner, Geoff Dyer. He adds, “These short 30-90 second tips are easily accessible anywhere the member may be. I think the videos help drive the point across that we aren’t just interested in their in-club experience, we are also invested in their overall better health and welfare.”


So far, we have launched 3 of these videos and have planned 2-3 more per month in the next year. Over time, we hope to create enough short spots, that when used together, provide a total-body workout that can be done anywhere the member happens to be.


Inside the club, we will also have these tips readily available via QR codes on the equipment that is being demonstrated. When members come to the gym, each piece of equipment will have a QR code attached, that when scanned with their smart phones, will show proper form and technique on that specific machine.


To view several of our Trainer Tips to date, visit:


Personal Trainer Tip: Proper Plank
Personal Trainer Tip: Proper Lunge
Personal Trainer Tip: Proper Push-up


  AussieFIT, LLC is a two-club fitness group started by Geoff Dyer, former founder of Lifestyle Family Fitness, in November, 2011.  The clubs boast over 25,000 square feet, cutting-edge strength and cardio equipment, a cycling studio, large group fitness space featuring Zumba, Silver Sneakers and Les Mills group fitness (BodyPump, BodyStep, BodyCombat, ect..). Child care, tanning, saunas and locker rooms are also available.


The two clubs are located at:


East Columbus                                             Mill Run at Hilliard

5929 East Main St.                                        3830 Fishinger Road

Columbus, OH  43213                                 Hilliard, OH  43026

614-755-4400                                                  614-771-1600


If you would like to interview Geoff Dyer please contact Gina Bailey at or



5929 East Main St.
Columbus, OH United States 43213