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(Newswire.net — August 8, 2014) Carlsbad, California –Putting up a new deck is exciting, but once the novelty wears off many homeowners neglect basic deck maintenance. This is a mistake for two reasons: first, the safety of the deck can be compromised if it is not subject to routine maintenance. Second, when a deck becomes dilapidated it means that the homeowner’s investment is being wasted. Decks can add great value to a home, but only if they are properly maintenance. Teak & Deck Professionals now offers time-saving tips to help homeowners maintain their decks with a minimum of effort.


According to the experts at Teak & Deck Professionals, weathering is the primary source of damage to decks. Weathering means the natural wear and tear that occurs from sun, rain, salt and wind. Sealing a deck with a high-quality sealer can prevent most weathering damage, particularly when the sealer is reapplied on an approved schedule. In order to determine the right type of sealer as well as the correct application schedule, it is important to read all manufacturer’s instructions and take advice from professionals who have worked with a number of sealers.

Another possible source of deck damage is animals or insects. Certain types of bees and wasps like to bore into wood and some animals, such as skunks, can destroy a deck or make it unusable if they take up residence beneath it. In order to make the deck animal- and insect-proof, certain sealers or other chemicals may be necessary. It is also important to treat any infestations immediately once they are discovered. Wire mesh around the base of a low-lying deck may also discourage animals from invading.
For more tips on deck sealers as seen at http://teakanddeck.com/deck-sealers/, maintenance products as seen at http://teakanddeck.com/teak-refinishing/teak-maintenance/ and maintenance and restoration services at http://teakanddeck.com/teak-refinishing/teak-restoration/, contact Teak & Deck Professionals immediately.

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