Plastic Surgeons Thoughts On A Successful Liposuction in Northern Va

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( — August 8, 2014) Fairfax, VA — By following some simple but important guidelines plastic surgeons can consistently expect excellent results with a majority of surgeries resulting in less risk of future complications for patients receiving liposuction. 


ASPS have shown annual statistics on how liposuction is now a top contender for most performed plastic surgeries. The procedure has more than 200,000 annual patients and the evolution of liposuction has seen advancements to the process which have greatly improved the safety of patients and their standards of care. By following the new guidelines and principles which have been developed there have been consistent results with optimum safety in Liposuction.

Experience from long term plastic surgeons in northern va has proven once again that paying attention to detail and clear communication between the doctor and patient, and to the various technical aspects of the liposuction surgery, as well as the positive support and care of the patients lifestyle after the procedure all lead to a better outcome every time.

A successful liposuction procedure starts with good patient selection. The patient needs to be healthy overall and must show the determination to commit to a healthy lifestyle before they should be considered for surgery. This includes a healthy diet and regular exercise to guarantee that the weight is kept off after the surgery. The plastic surgeon is advised to give realistic expectations promoted by giving good communication between the surgeon and the patient about the results from the surgery and how a healthy lifestyle plays a part in its success.

Except for special circumstances liposuction in northern virginia is generally performed with regular anesthesia. The anesthesia plays a very important part in monitoring the patient during surgery. Doctors outline principles of positioning in order to give the best access to the surgeon performing liposuction while protecting the safety of the patient.  

There are several techniques used known as wetting solutions. These techniques have been developed to allow larger-volume liposuction to be performed at one time with excellent safety and good results. It’s vital during this process that the patient’s fluid levels are closely monitored, the patient’s safety depends on it.

Doctors also discuss the important factors when performing three dimensional body contouring during liposuction. Any incorrect contours related to the liposuction procedure can be immediately corrected by using the patient’s own fat cells and fat grafting-transferring procedures to change the irregularities.

It’s important that the patients wear compression garments following the surgery. The garments should be worn for the first two weeks after the liposuction, and at night for the first weeks after that. These routine steps will all help to reduce complications, of which can be broken down into undesirable sequelae. Theses can cause cosmetic issues and other types of both medical and surgical complications, some of these may resolve themselves over time, and some may not.

Some studies show that a patients rating of the results of their appearance after any cosmetic surgery will create the pivotal determinant of their satisfaction and lasting results. The patients who have the lowest view of themselves, or a negative self-image have the shortest lasting results often times resulting in weight gain and other complications or set-backs. This is why patient selection is of the upmost importance, and all patients should be educated on the correct postoperative lifestyle that includes any changes necessary to stay healthy and active to avoid future liposuction treatments.



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