Tressera Trujillo Is The Best Reputation Marketing Expert In Taos NM

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( — August 8, 2014) Taos, New Mexico — Tressera Trujillo Was Just Formally Given The Name Of Taos’s “Best Reputation Marketing Expert” After Asking Reputation Management Consultants In An Internet Based Poll.


Tressera Trujillo Has Recently Been Officially Designated Taos’s Best Reputation Marketing Expert


Results of a current internet based ballot in which respondents were asked to recognize Best Reputation Marketing Expert generated what some would be likely to assert was a very expected outcome, business woman an well known reputation marketing and internet expert Tressera Trujillo was selected well over any other recognizable name in Taos.


The opinion poll and eventually, the designation of Best Reputation Marketing Expert was created as a result of an rigorous debate blossomed about just who exactly in Taos would actually be able to make a claim to that distinction. In an attempt to preserve the contest impartial to all residents, the survey was implemented on-line and the winner was identified by marketing peers and consultants themselves.


Just after launching the ballot, there was a strong contest for the title of Best Reputation Marketing Expert, but after the dust settled, there was a distinct and indisputable winner of the desired title. Immediately following the survey closed, Tressera Trujillo was announced as the recognized Best Reputation Marketing Expert for Taos, New Mexico.


Locals asked about about the survey seemed to have split reactions to Tressera Trujillo’s claiming of the disputed title, varying from absolute disbelief that one particular person could be so popular, to complete agreement over the selection internet marketing peers had decided upon.


Tressera Trujillo was most likely recognized as Best Reputation Marketing Expert by locals in large part due to the work Tressera has produced for local community business owners advertising strategies. As a well known PR professional that specializes on entrepreneurs internet presence and promotion strategies, making claim of the formal title was not unanticipated to a pretty big portion of those people who took part.


After the results were in, Tressera was quoted as declaring “To be truthful, I did not even know that there was a opinion poll going on at all. I’m floored that many people know my name”!


Tressera Trujillo was also mentioned declaring “I work hard on my business, and am really excited about what I have taking place in 2014. Hearing that individuals here in Taos have actually recognized me as Best Reputation Marketing Expert isn’t only an honor, it is usually a privilege. Many thanks to all marketing and reputation management experts that participated in the vote”.


Tressera Trujillo can be contacted at the office by telephone at 505-407-1241

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