Botox in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ – Not Just For Wrinkles Anymore!

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( — August 8, 2014) Phoenix, AZ — Botox, commonly known as the facial anti-aging treatment, has been proven to work for many other medical conditions. Botox injection treatment is now available at G. Robert Meger Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and has been helping a lot of men and women all over the country.


Botox has become popular in treating a number of clinical issues triggered by extreme muscle spasms. A dermatologist in Canada, Dr. Carruthers, has discovered its ability to smooth out creases and Botox rapidly became a cosmetic therapy of option for the impacts of aging on the face. Botox works by deteriorating or paralyzing the muscles that form creases therefore smoothens out the face providing a more relaxed look.


Botox is commonly used to help with frown lines between the eyebrows. It is also used extensively for wrinkles in the face, lip creases, around the eyes, as well as droopy corners of the mouth.


The great thing about Botox is that there is minimal pain involved. As a matter of fact, it can be compared to a bug bite. There is no sedation or even local anesthesia required so you can resume your regular activity immediately. Normally it takes about 4 – 5 days to begin to take effect but it might take up to 2 weeks for its full effect to show. Outcomes normally last about 4 – 6 months.


One great thing about Botox is that it is also used to treat excess sweating. Also called hyperhidrosis, it is a condition that has been hard to treat until now. Botox has been authorized by Health Canada to deal with under arm hyperhidrosis since 2011 and has helped a lot of men and women suffering from sweaty armpits. Botox is injected just under the skin which then blocks the nerves responsible for activating the sweat glands therefore it stops extreme sweating. It is usually effective for up to 6-8 months and it is normally covered by a lot of private insurance policies.


According to a dermatologist in Manhattan, NY, Botox can also be used for gummy smiles. He mentioned that they can be treated with several units and it needs to be repeated. Results, however, may only last two or three months, although sometimes longer. He also mentioned that anywhere Botox is used near muscles that move a lot, such as when eating and speaking, the activity returns to normal more quickly.


If you would like more information on Botox and how it can help you, contact Dr. Robert Meger in Phoenix and Scottsdale AZ for a consultation and further advice.

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